The Jobcentre meets Dune and Tolkien’s Middle-Earth

My friend told me he was walking to the job centre. Then he forgot he told me and wondered how I knew he was walking back through the rain. The following was my response (via 3 text messages.) Inspired by Tolkien and Dune…

I have eyes everywhere. The crows tell me everything.

Each footstep is like an earthquake to my trained ear. Each blade of grass a felled tree to my keen eyes. Your scent is like a place-marker for where you’ve been and where you’re going. The spirits whisper to me and tell me of men who cross bridges they never see over rivers that dried millennia ago. You walk on the graves of brave ancestors and forget to smell the roses that grow roots in the rotting bodies of men who fought to protect you from your current enslavement. The mud is a conduit to the old world, the rain beats it like goat skin on a drum. Listen. So sayeth the K Pizzle.
I am the worm rider. I am one with the spice. The Celts and the Africans sing songs to my soul through my DNA. The bees tell me where to find pollen, the butterflies tell me where to find love. The worms eat my enemies and deliver me to salvation. And you told me you were walking to the job centre :-p




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