Mysterious lack of US victims in the Goldman Sachs funded Panama Papers #panamapapers

Hmmm… curious about the

MYSTERIOUS LACK OF U.S. PERPETRATORS IN THE LEAK? Perhaps we should ask more questions…


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As Zero Hedge just wrote, international laws have prevented U.S. entities from using Panama as a tax haven since 2010:


This leak almost instantaneously led to the resignation of the Prime Minister of Iceland, Gunnlaugsson:




Wait a minute… isn’t this the same Prime Minister who oversaw the jailing of 29 bankers under his administration?


As in, one of our greatest heroes on earth in the battle to defeat the mega-banks?


Gunnlaugsson was the most effective enemy of the Cabal in the visible media world — and he just went down in flames. One day. Boom. Gone.


The problem is that the world of finance and politics is so dirty that no one gets out clean. Everyone is compromised, no matter how heroic they may be.


Corruption is so deeply woven into the system that you are simply never going to find anyone, Alliance or otherwise, who doesn’t have problems.


A single, uninformed “yes” in the course of a day with 250 decisions to be made could ruin an entire administration.


The most high-ranking politician affected by the Panama Papers, according to popular site, just so happens to be Vladimir Putin:




So who is behind the shoot-down of Gunnlaugsson, the banker-jailing Prime Minister of Iceland, and the targeting of Putin?


Our volunteer army of internet journalists has already unraveled and flushed the “false flag” operation known as the Panama Toilet Papers.


Who printed this roll of papers to help wipe up their mess? You’ll never guess. This excerpt from “Off-Guardian” summarizes it nicely:




4/4: Panama Papers Paid For By The Cabal

Panama Papers: Revealing details live in the gaps between the lines


The cooperative of intelligence-backed hacks who “broke” this “story” all hail from The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ).


[This is] a “special project” (their website tells us) of the not-at-all-Orwellian-sounding “Center for Public Integrity”.


…Let’s just take a stroll down the About page of the Center for Public Integrity, and find out where they get their money from:




The Goldman-Sonnenfeldt Foundation – they don’t have a website, but their President does. He’s a “philanthropist and entrepeneur”. In case you’re wondering…yes, that is “Goldman” as in “Goldman Sachs”.


The Ford Foundation – yes, as in Henry Ford. Business magnate and Nazi collaborator.


Open Society Foundation – we’ve tangled with these fine folks before. The OSF are an NGO set up by billionaire George Soros. Because billionaires love justice and freedom.


The Rockefeller Brothers Fund and Rockefeller Family Fund – how exactly these two things differ I’m not sure, however they do both exist, and they both give money to the CfPI, because the Rockefellers are all about that integrity.


The Carnegie Corporation of New York – As in Andrew Carnegie, the billionaire. As in the Carnegie Endowment for American Hegemony…sorry, I mean International Peace.



The most high-ranking politician affected by the Panama Papers, according to popular site, just so happens to be Vladimir Putin:


Putin has undoubtedly needed to use a variety of strategies to prevent the Cabal from destroying the funds he is using to take them down.


Let’s not forget that Putin was bombing the heck out of ISIS after they mass-murdered innocents in Paris.


Turkey, a US ally, shot his plane down and killed the pilot.


No one in the mainstream media said a word in support of Putin. It didn’t fit with their script of demonizing him as the ultimate evil.


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