Batman vs Superman review (by an unbiased Marvel fan who liked it! Spoilers) #batmanvssuperman #bvs

Yes, another nerdy review, I told you to expect more…


Yeah, okay, I had plenty of reasons to hate this film but I didn’t, I liked it alot. I’m a Marvel fan. I hate Superman (but like Batman). Most of all I like movies with a good plot and good dialogue. Critics said it was a bad story with bad dialogue but I actually disagree, most of the story made sense but the audience was being asked to read between the lines, especially when it came to Lex Luthor’s motivations.

Some of my favourite movie critics were negatively critical, not just movie critics but comic book fans. People like John Schnepp who is a Superman fan. A main criticism was the lack of motivation for Lex Luthor.

SP0ILER ALERT – I’m pretty sure Lex Luthor was abused by his father, God didn’t come to save him and Superman is now the representative of God to Lex and Lex is taking out all his pain, guilt and hatred of God out on Superman. There is only one line that Luther says that indicates he was abused by his father but it makes everything else make way more sense, his weirdness and his hatred of God who saves who he wants and therefore Superman who saves Lois and screw everybody else. “If God is all powerful he can not be all good” and vice versa. There are so many God references, with the painting and in Luthor’s speeches but to hammer home the Biblical references they use a spear, like the one that pierced Christ and then Superman is resurrected on Easter weekend… I don’t like Superman much in general, he’s too overpowered and too damn nice but he was less of a boy scout and more of a badass in this movie without being out of character. And as far as being overpowered they levelled the playing field nicely. A dark Superman would be out of character for me unless pushed to his limit. I didn’t like the idea of Batman using guns but he is still the martial arts don that we know and love. So my reservations were fine and I think the critics just missed a couple of lines that explain plot points subtly or didn’t get it. I can’t give all the religious references or all the psychological references without spoilers. But there’s lots. It seems most critics were too cynical to get the subtlety because they weren’t expecting any and just saw a ham-fisted Justice League set up. Yeah, there are some plot holes but I expect they’ll get dealt with in the sequels and it requires the suspension of belief, particularly near the end when Doomsday is inexplicably attacking Superman (did Luthor program his spliced-gene clone to attack or does it remember Zod’s hatred or what? Why does it know to attack Superman and not Lex? The survey says – who cares? lol), but it’s a super hero movie, we knew it was imaginary. But if you wanted to see a big fight though, you got one and with a much better story than the critics would have you believe.


Despite the fact that I disagree with most of the team on their reviews of this particular film support Collider Videos for being honest, comic book loving, film and TV critics who are too nerdy and geeky to be bought by Hollywood. “Sweaties unite” indeed.





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