Are You? Do You? Can you?

Are you loving yourself? Visualising yourself
in good health? Prosperity and wealth?
Are you growing young yet wise as you put the years on?
…Do you have your “giraffe ears” on?
The ears that only hear “I am needing” or “thank you”.
Can you express your needs, Even if you need me to rant too?
I love myself. I listen to my needs. You see
I can’t be ashamed of who I am guilty for being me.
No not anymore, bun self loathing.
Nah, just rest with it if it comes back a wolf in felt clothing.
Have we expressed our gratitude? Have we expressed our need?
Do you need to eat? Do you need to feed?
How do other people react when we don’t do what they want?
Be honest with yourself and don’t front.
How do we react when they don’t do what we want?
Do we feel guilt for being alpha or resent being the runt?
If we all come from the same source do we display the same shine?
Can it be solution time instead of blame time?
Can we have freedom and certainty at the same time?
Can we have certainty and freedom at the – wait? Fine.
If we can’t should we choose freedom or security?
Is security the same kind of thing as certainty?
Are your needs being met? Are you grateful for your needs being met?
Has that gratitude been clearly expressed yet?
Have you expressed your needs that aren’t being met
if any aren’t being? Yes, sometime’s it’s hard being blessed.
Can we put in the work to identify our hurt?
Our demons disappear when we dare to look em right in the eye and stare.
We can express pain without anger.
And as we’re revealing we’re automatically healing.
Can we put in the work to identify our hurt?
Our shadows fade in the light of looking where they lurk.

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