The Big Questions

I have big questions for you. The big questions. But first, the intro.


So… according to Rudolf Steiner’s philosophy of Anthroposophy between the ages of 49 – 56 is a period when our ‘will’ is dominated by intention. Prior to that our will is dominated by instinct before the age of 7, Drive from 7 – 14, Desire from 14 – 21 etc. For example from 42 – 49 it is dominated by Wish – which is characterised by striving for more, and Intention is when pre-incarnation stuff kicks in, your ‘life-purpose’ stuff that usually expresses itself as a question.

Now these ages are guidelines. I’ve been contemplating my life’s purpose since I was a child. It was probably also accelerated by studying Philosophy at Uni. My two big questions were “What happens after life / after death?” and “What is the point of life?”

As incredulous as it may sound to some there is quite alot of evidence for reincarnation. That’s where I am with it for now. It’s not a religious conviction, it’s what I’ve seen the most evidence for. BUT I admit I may have simply found what I was looking for. What is the point of life? I think it’s different for each individual. I used to think it was to spread love and wisdom, but that may be the point of MY life. Maybe I don’t have a right to tell an arms dealer that they are not living the right way? Maybe I have a right to my opinion. But blame is pretty useless in my experience.

My life’s path appeared to be “to rap”. Then it evolved to “to perform poetry”. Now it appears to be “to teach, and perform in various ways.” But I was always trying to teach with my words, whether they were raps, poems or comic book scripts. It may continue to evolve.


My questions have evolved as well, partly due to studying spiritual, occult and esoteric stuff. “What is God?” “What is the nature of reality?” I don’t know at what point to give you the caveat but it feels right to give it before the answers I’ve got so far. The caveat is that one of my most powerful spiritual experiences taught me, through difficult experience, that is is more worthwhile to enjoy your life and help others enjoy theirs than to spend your time studying and deliberating over what it all means – because you’ll always get more questions than answers (due to the fractal, ever expanding, ever more complex, ever deeper nature of reality.)

What is God? I’m not trying to prove God exists. I’m trying to bridge a semantic gap – IF God exists what is it? If God doesn’t exist, what are we saying is non-existent? You don’t have to believe in a religion or in an omnipotent man with a beard to believe that reality, or the universe, has a consciousness and a purpose. But you don’t have to believe that either.

Okay, from the most objective standpoint whether I believe in God or not for me nature and science are self-evident. However science hasn’t got all the answers to ‘what is consciousness’ and the fact that nature is scientific and mathematical doesn’t make it any less beautiful or worthy of praise and gratitude. Is everything conscious? I don’t know, some spiritual bods say so, some quantum physicists say so. It’s all a tad beyond comprehension to be honest. For example they also say time is an illusion, but even Einstein had to admit it’s a “very persistent” illusion. But from my own experience of how malleable consciousness is and from what I’ve read about peer reviewed, repeatable experiments, such as the one with random number generators and group intention to name one of a few consciousness experiments, consciousness is evidently shared to a certain extent. The brain may be a receiver rather than the creator.

Anyway, beyond the speculation if I had to answer the question now I would say God is nature, science and/or a consciousness that pervades both and all of us. The open intelligence of mother nature herself. The force that made us, and writes my poems is the force that gives me inspiration for my poems and made the sun moon and stars. When I say it’s science, I don’t mean it’s just scientists and the sum of our scientific knowledge. I means it’s all the science that we don’t know yet too, and may never know or understand.

I don’t think it’s a man. Or how it could have a gender, but if it’s the source of all creation and I was forced to personify it with a dual gender I would probably assign it the gender that gives birth.


Mother nature?

Just a point of view.


What is the nature of reality? A holographic projection created by each of our individual (the illusion of individual) minds creating the shared reality experienced by the one shared consciousness – mother nature, God etc. It is whatever you believe, with the limitation that it is subject to the beliefs of the individuals around you UNLESS your will is strong enough that your beliefs over-ride the beliefs of those around you. However in my experience knowing “I will succeed at achieving my dreams” regardless of what other people think is more likely to succeed than “I will succeed at walking through this wall to prove that I live in Matrix and I am more powerful than you think.”




Did Christ exist? Does it matter if it makes you a better person brothers?

And sisters. But too many use religion just for hurtin’ others.

(That was going to be a rap but that’s as far as I got.)


So. Do you have other answers?

What happens in the after life?

What is the purpose of life?

What is God?

What is the nature of reality?

Did Christ exist? Does it matter?


(Yes, that was the rant.)


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