Kevin Huntley Panton aka KP Kev the Poet

KP Kev the Poet aka Kevin Huntley Panton.

I’ve been encouraged to ‘own my name’, not just my stage name. Mainly because I have recently had an official criminal record check so I can work with children, but there’s another Kevin Panton who appears online when you google my name but he has a criminal record. I have documentation to prove that I’m not him, I was born three years before and have the aforementioned criminal record check, but hopefully prospective employers will see this before they read his google entry. I’m Kevin Panton, aka KP Kev the Poet – the one who raps, sings, performs poetry, works with children and has no criminal record.


Examples of work online

Facebook Artist Page



Kev the Poet’s Youtube page






The SynchroFlow TV Show

An alternative reality TV show, and a musical. Showcasing consciousness evolution via UK Hip-Hop, poetry and beatboxing with vocal harmonies, discussing synchronicity.

Featuring Rodney P and Skitz, Dub FX, Kate Tempest, Buggsy, Chester P of Taskforce, The Boxettes, MC Xander, Terence Mckenna and KP Kev the Poet.


Operation: Bless Everyt’ing facebook group

events and information network


Articles for The Metropolist


Articles for Drowned in Sound



Favourite WordPress blog posts

…about Near Death Experience

…about Ego, Spirituality and the Rest

…about Tantra (specifically tantric sex)

…about the death of a friend

…about the New Age movement and Christianity




Kevin Panton, Kevin, Panton, Kevin Huntley Panton, Kev Panton,





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