Verbal remedies

Verbal Remedies

it used to be herbal remedies on the daily

… until those herbal remedies failed me,

paranoia, depression, anxiety –

my mind going round and round like a kaley,

with the wind out my sails, the seven seas couldn’t sail me,

purple heavenly hazey, and several cheese grades we

sampled probably had too little CBD, probably had a little too much THC,

a thin line between schizophrenic and Shamanic

when weed shotters say don’t panic, it’s organic

grown outdoors in Spain, Greece, Portugal or UK we

Would wonder does it matter if it felt real sunshine and rain? See,

the verbal remedies never failed me, when I was Jack Jonah in the whale see

it was to the authors cross my subconscious had nailed me.

… Must be blessed, this whale also swallowed a writing desk,

and purple pens to see me at my fighting best.

When the herbal remedies failed me I can’t let nature take the blame we

bred some of the healing out of the nations highest grades see

self esteem just brakes he could blame ex girlies calling lazy

the hard working employee of spirit going crazy

but he takes the responsibility, no victim and no blame he

knows self worth is worthy, self love with no shame he

didn’t want to leave to perform for those who never heard of me,

felt vulnerable and fragile but expressed those feelings verbally.

Never say never to healing herbs or healing herbally

but always say yes to healing words ya see

healing herbally was tried n tested in ancient ways in the

ancient days ya see. But when life was pain I’ve seen

who were friends to me, I’ll explain all eventually.

But just expect an eternity of verbal remedies.


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