Gender Issues

“Xenomorph Beth going Indominus Rex” – It’s a Rick and Morty reference, one day that’ll make sense.

Just had a highly enlightening and synchronously relevant conversation with some inspiring guys and girls about heterosexual males who are in touch with their feminine side being assumed to be gay, and how insecurity can lead to being offended not due to homophobia – there’s obviously nothing wrong with being gay – but due to wanting to be seen as attractive and available to women. The conclusion was that most heterosexual (or bi-sexual) women worth hanging out with are going to be attracted to a man who is in touch with his feminine side, and even if they think you are unavailable that will just make you more attractive. Highly enlightening. Now I’m sure there is some section of society that I am inadvertently leaving out of the conversation but I am primarily talking about men I can relate to – heterosexual men – and I am primarily talking about women I am attracted to and available to – heterosexual and bisexual women. I realise that gender is not polarised in such dual and limited ways but that is what I have personal experience with so that is what I am writing abut. N doubt someone will get offended, it’s impossible to talk about such things without offending somebody, but I mean no offence.

It’s a conversation worth having. Straight guys, don’t feel unattractive or unavailable to women just cos you’re in touch with your feminine sides, it turns out that being unavailable is attractive, it also turns out that being in touch with your feminine side is really, really attractive. Wubalubadubdub!

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