National Poets Day #nationalpoetsday #poetry #poem #spokenword

National Poets Day

It’s national poets day. The rebel in me doesn’t want to write a poem just because somebody somewhere said “today is the day.” The pragmatist in me says “why not, it couldn’t hurt”.

So that is how it starts, with some honest prose.
And from the science to the arts, verse is what follows.

I’ll be honest, recently I have been reminded
that fear is like praying for what we don’t want.

Let’s not focus on fear of fear of self fullfilling prophecies
But let’s be honest about our fears, let’s not lie, let’s not front.

And as my insecurities created false realities,
When I stop thinking for short moments clarity shatters these.

And when I share what I fear I find it is not even there.
Just empathy, co-existence, love and care.

And when I share what I fear I find it is not even there.
Just empathy, co-existence, love and care.

I used to pray, now I visualise. But if you ask me I say.
When you visualise it’s to God in you and the universe you pray.

“I don’t believe in God” but in the quantum field
which resides inside and outside and hears everything you say.

Call it God, or don’t, it’s inconsequential semantics.
You can argue if you find someone equally pedantic,

Maybe I’ll stop thinking or resisting, let you be the way you stay.
Maybe I’ll just visualise you going away.

Maybe I’ll relax, rest with what I perceive.
Whatever else I do the feeling, emotion or person will leave

Because everything is temporary, and the truth is very scary
But when you realise consciousness is infinite it gets very merry,

Free from the fear of death, sometimes I have it, sometimes I don’t.
Sometimes I live outside my comfort zone, sometimes I won’t.

Exercise every day? Maybe cry every day.
Because I’ll never fully express all that I want to say.

Just another human, the universe is pallette and canvas to display
And this was just a quick verbal watercolour shared for national poets day.

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