Euro Tour part 8? Home Sweet Home. Thank you.

(Yes, I decided not to write a detailed description of Amsterdam, suffice to say we saw lots of coffeeshops but didn’t go to any sex shows or museums.)

Okay, this is a slightly ego-driven boast post about performing at Ozora and Amsterdam etc but also a massive thank you again to all who helped make it happen. I’m allowing myself a boast-post cos I’ve been anxious and depressed most of the past two years so you should all be grateful I’m posting when I’m in a good mood (and should be writing essays, not status updates) but this is good for my psyche AND good for my performance CV. Basically cos I’m finally home and just making sense of it all…

I’ve been rapping and singing (and dance has become a major part of my stage show now, with blowing bubbles coming behind that and playing keys / saxophone / my lyre as back up plans!) with one of the most famous hang drum and hand-pan players in the world and a concert violinist (and lovely guy) from Barcelona on a tour of Europe. We played stages Ozora, Budapest, Switzerland and Amsterdam but drove from Italy through Croation, Slovenia, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Lichtenstein and Holland busking along the way.

On my dancing – “only one person on Earth could do Michael Flatley meets Beyoncé and it’s this man right here.” Cheers luv, I’ll take it. Thank you.

So, this European Tour almost doubled the number of countries I’d been to previously, playing with Daniel Waples – Hang in Balance and Flavio Lopez. Dan had organised the tour from the performers end and did all of the driving but big up to all the people who organised stages for us and/or organised accomodation for us along the way. Thank you.

I was in a good mood. Music and sunshine will do that for me but good company was the most important factor. Thank you for the good company and for the memories. Anxiety is an everyday thing and depression comes and goes but I think I can confidently say that after all the compliments and after all the appreciation for my lyrics (and my dancing!) on all those stages – my self esteem is back in the black. Thank you.

I just saw a post of the Sunrise flyer in 2006. In 2006 I was just finding my feet in the UK festival scene and Eat Static were the last act on the main stage on the last night of the whole festival. I had to blag my way on open stages back then. Two weeks ago I performed just after Eat Static on the same stage in Ozora in Hungary. Funny that I saw that today, on my first day back in my bed since then.

Thank you


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