Gratitude Universe Part 2 – Viaja

Thankyou universe part 2 – viaja

Gracias Universo por tiempo
con amigo / hermano Flavio
Grazi Universo for Mumi’s hospitality
in Milan, yo, Milano.. Italiano.

Hvaleznost vesolja, hvala vesolje
for Slovenia manifesting the firezide dream of the rainbow soldier
hala az univerzumnak for Hungary,
Ozora, Dragons Nest and Budapest, everything’s blessed.
Merci universe… for hang drums, violins and verse.
And Switzerland’s landscapes that could make a man ache.
danke universum for Swiss Hospitality
And gratitude to the spirit of Odile and Hedley,
Dankje wel universum for Gia, Knowledge Matters,
Holland and Amsterdam for caring for musicians and rappers…
Gratitude for lessons even as illusion shatters
We can relax cos… the universe has our backs love.

Gratitude universe for travelling and spreading that love to that brother
or sister that may have been feeling lacklustre
or felt they lacked love… til they felt that love..
…. and felt what that does.

(work in progress..)


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