Part 7 – Euro Tour Summer 2015






IMG_20150811_144554Part 7 – the philosophical one with the poem at the end… SWITZERLAND DAY 2

Performed in the Absinthe museum today in the little Swiss village that invented the stuff. Performing with Daniel Waples on hang and Flavio Lopez on violin.
Still getting over the vibes from Ozora and the appreciation in Budapest. Steiner kindergarten teacher training has not eradicated the travelling bohemian musician vibe even a little bit evidently but I know which one has the advantage of a steady income and which one has the advantage of adventure.
Balance. Feeling grateful and philosophical. Probably waffle some more shortly, but although there are tests of patience and imaginary borders that shouldn’t exist to cross (who drew those lines anyway), after 2 years of floating mainly between depression and anxiety I guess it’s worth saying I’m content today.
Okay, I’m content now. Everything changes, anxiety is an every day thing really. No independent nature to thoughts, feelings or emotions, just flux, ebb and flow.
Been jamming on my lyre in a church this afternoon after the absinthe museum, the sun is shining and it looks like the story I started writing 10 years ago is actually going to turn into a real comic book. Still got a gig in Amsterdam to come and Wildheart Festival in Devon to compere. All good reasons to smile.

Epic gig this evening in a garden overlooking Swiss mountains followed by an even more epic jam. In the home of our amazing hosts Odile and Hedley, two of the loveliest people I’ve ever met – so welcoming, so generous, so interesting. Hedley used to be a doctor in England, he’s now learning to play the accordian and lives in Switzerland with his Swiss wife Odile who is a teacher, the friendliest, bubbly, adorable host you could hope for. She also organised our gigs we called her Mamajah (a combination of mama and manager.)

The gig at their house was amazing, people of all ages came, two of the music students who attended the masterclass performed. Toddlers chased the bubbles I blew. Dan amd Flavio played exceptionally well. I sang, I rapped, I danced. When most people went home around midnight we drank absinthe and jammed for another 3 or 4 hours with added cello and didge.

Odile and Hedley were more than patient they were encouraging and encouragable.

Estreya fugath…
Estreya fumar…
Si buenos noches
Rhythm like Swiss watches

Handpans and cellos beneath shooting stars
Fiddles and didges bridges venus and mars x2

Sipping absinth, thinking mad things
Where’s the cat been, and having mad dreams

From waterfalls to Batman doing his bat-thing
They used to say absinthe causes bad scenes

All I see is laughter, song, relaxing
And dancing observing others romancing.

A new view I spy with my middle eye glancing
New view on absinthe and reality – the whole damn thing.

Estreya fugath…
Estreya fugath…

Handpans and cellos beneath shooting stars
Fiddles and didges bridges venus and mars x2



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