Part 6 – Euro Tour Summer 2015

Part 6 – Goats and Absinthe

So we’ve travelled from Italy through Slovenia and Croatia to play at Ozora festival in Hungary. Then Budapest. Then we play in Switzerland tomorrow. Then we play in Amsterdam in a few days. Dan wishes me and Flavio had driving licences.

Today we went to Le Creux-du-Van- an impressive and wild limestone circle with our hosts Oldi and Hedley. Well I hear it’s impressive but I couldn’t see much beyond the fog. It’s a massive gap in the landscape created by a glacier, to get there you have to drive up a mountain covered in cows rocking cow bells and at the top are some (really cute) goats and a restaurant serving fondue. And absinthe. 

Tomorrow morning we play in the Absinthe museum. Tomorrow evening we play for an audience at our hosts house, which is a grand old former vicarage with all the mod cons. When Dan travels he doesn’t rough it, he stays with fans or in vans, hostels and hotels are rarities and I’ve never seen him in a tent.

I’m used to roughing it but I’m glad I’m not.

Ps our hosts, once again, are hilarious and lovely. I guess most humans are alright really.




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