Part 5 – Euro Tour 2015

Part 5 – Hungary

Introduction: I’m singing, rapping and dancing with Hang in Balance, the collective of musicians centred around Daniel Waples and his hand pans (melodic metal drums you play with your hands.) This tour sees Daniel,  a friendly and talented hand pan player, and Flavio, ahilarious and extremely talented violin player from Barcelona and myself travel from Manchester to Milan to Ozora Festival in Hungary to Amsterdam via Vienna to name a few.

England, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia and Hungary – 5 countries in 5 days. Ozora festival, or “psychedelic tribal gathering”, was a good place to stop for a while…

I don’t know what my highlight was. Highlight Tribe was a highlight. Olive Tree Dance was a highlight. Beats Antique was a highlight. The random guy who staggered past and randomly said to Flavio “this place is AMAZING! HAHAHA”  then walked past crying tears of joy was a highlight. Meeting Michael who MCs for The Orb was a highlight. Driving off site bumping Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen with Flavio singing along with the doors open laughing hysterically at the confused faces of the underground music fans was a highlight. And staying in accommodation run by an old Hungarian couple Flavio had started to nickname Mama and Papa was a highlight. We were surprised if Papa wore anything other than tiny swimming trunks (once he wore a shirt) , he walked around looking like a 60s weightlifting champion and it seemed like her entire family shared her genes for magnanimous bosom. They were great (the couple, not her couple.)

OKA from Australia was a highlight. Shpongle live was a highlight.

Oh yeah, performing at the Dragons Nest stage with Daniel Waples in handpan and Flavio Lopez on fiddle was a highlight. The crowd just got bigger and more appreciative. I sang and danced lots. Two Russian bellydancers joined us on stage. The crowd went wild. Yes Ozora.

So much laser-projection on so many handbuilt stages and structures and giant statues with epic psychedelic decor. Just wow. And it was sunny the whole time we were there. Take that UK festivals, up your weather game lol

Saturday we left for a beautiful gig in Budapest with one of the most attentive, responsive and again appreciative audiences I’ve ever had the pleasure to entertain. Thank you to Aniko and all the other organisers.

Thank you universe

Gracias Universo (Spanish)

Grazzie Universo (Italian)

Hvaleznost vesolja, hvala vesolje (Slovenian <grateful universe, thank you universe>),

hala az univerzumnak (gratitude universe Hungaria) 

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