Part 4 – Euro Tour 2015

Part 4 Creation in Croatia to Ozora in Hungary (unfinished).

Croatia is the birthplace of patron homeboy Nikolai Tesla. We arrived in the evening and randomly stopped to meet our hosts Anna and Ivana at the same bar they had coincidentally been at earlier in the day. We tried plum wine and blackberry wine and I remembered why I don’t usually drink. Anna and Ivana were both hilarious. The following day was the day of a military parade, but apparently Croatia had to rent tanks to make it look good. We busked, it was sunny, the Croatian people were friendly and welcoming. I like Croatia. But we didn’t see much of it as and what we did see we didn’t see for very long, that evening we set off for Ozora in Hungary before sundown.

We got there at crazy o’clock but yet we were still allowed on site, and the production office was still open to give us our wrist bands. That was a good start. Despite my temptation to go find the party people and party I stayed in team-formation and we went back to the accommodation that Ozora had organised 🙂 for us. So by Wednesday morning I had only seen the front gate and production office, and at night. I still had psychedelic decor in daylight to look forward to.

Oh, that was one of my favourite synchronicities. The woman who organised the artist accommodation I had met in Glastonbury and busked with in Bristol on her last two days in England a few years ago. She had been in contact with Daniel and only knew I was involved when my name came up in the bureaucracy. That, plus 23 of my facebook friends were going to Ozora, even thoughbI had never been to Hungary before.

Where was I? Oh yes, accommodation.

A hotel? No, not exactly. Some cool local Hungarian old dude built like a wrestler from the 80s (massive biceps and shoulders but an even bigger belly) just rents rooms of his massive house out to artists, apparently arriving at stupid o’clock means he comes to you in t shirt and pants, offers you a shot of home brew and shows you your room. What a legend..

So tomorrow we see Ozora festival in daylight. Boom boom


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