Part 2 – Hang in Balance Euro Tour 2015 KPs Journal

part 2 Slovenia

Introduction: I’m singing, rapping and dancing with Hang in Balance, the collective of musicians centred around Daniel Waples and his hand pans (melodic metal drums you play with your hands.) This tour sees Daniel,  a friendly and talented hand pan player, and Flavio, ahilarious and extremely talented violin player from Barcelona and myself travel from Manchester to Milan to Ozora Festival in Hungary to Amsterdam via Vienna to name a few.

Last night we went to Slovenia and stayed in a sustainable community in infancy stage. The building was being renovated and the garden being harvested by the woofers working there.

We arrived to pancakes, I climbed the bell tower, we were fed omelette, we jammed by the fire and we shared wine.

The community is beautiful, the landscape is beautiful and I wish them luck and thank them for their hospitality.

Especially Helena who invited Dan, Vida and Petra. And of course Nara the fire keeper.

Check out

On the way to Ozora home to Psy Trance bunnies, where there are 23 of my Facebook friends even though I have never been to Hungary, ready to bounce...

Visual updates add “kpkevthepoet” on Snapchat…

Thank you universe

Gracias Universo (Spanish)

Grazzie Universo (Italian)

Hvaležnost vesolju, hvala vesolje (Slovenian <grateful universe, thank you universe>)




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