Part 1 – Hang in Balance – Euro Tour 2015 – KPs journal

I’m singing, rapping and dancing with Hang in Balance, the collective of musicians centred around Daniel Waples and his hand pans (melodic metal drums you play with your hands.) This tour sees Daniel, a hilarious and extremely talented violin player from Barcelona called Flavio and myself travel from Manchester to Milan to Ozora Festival in Hungary to Amsterdam via Vienna to name a few.

Two days ago we were at a festival in the Lake District called Kendal calling. Yesterday we were in Manchester. Today we’re in Milan. Now you’re up to date. I’m waking up in Milan right now.

Kendal Calling – finally performed on the Chai Wallah stage with Daniel Waples on hang and Flavio Lopez on violin. Big ups to Chai Wallah, big love to Lucy for the lift and general vibes, big up to the band Skolpa especially Henry.

Yesterday we flew from Manchester to Milan and stayed in Milan. Big up Emma Mummi, within an hour I was eating Italian pasta cooked by an Italian in Italy. Big love to Mummi’s mum and aunt for their hospitality and their welcome and their cooking too. Then it was off to Slovenia. On the way to Ozora home to Psy Trance bunnies, where there are 23 of my Facebook friends even though I have never been to Hungary, ready to bounce…

Visual updates add “kpkevthepoet” on Snapchat…

Thank you universe

Gracias Universo (Spanish)

Grazzie Universo (Italian)

Hvaležnost vesolja, hvala vesolje (Slovenian <grateful universe, thank you universe>)





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