Happy 4th of July… (no, really…)

(…and if you think this is not pro-American, well actually I think it is, it’s pro-American FREEDOM.)

 I love America, it gave me Hip-Hop, Sesame Street and the internet, I love American people, music, culture, comedians, and truth speakers. I am not a fan of POLITICS ANYWHERE but I am a fan of FREEDOM EVERYWHERE.  But you need to know your government doesn’t give a f*** about you to be free. If you think I have no right to rip on America here is a previous blog where I point out how in the UK we are, and I quote “Governed by Self-Serving Megalomaniacs and Tyrants” (and provide documented evidence that it’s not just a paranoid ‘conspiracy theory’ but most likely a rational conspiracy fact.)


ps if I ever go missing or die unexpectedly, especially if I commit ‘suicide’ or have an ‘accident’ in police custody please refer to this article…




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