UFOs yyyyup!

Now before you call me crazy, I’m NOT saying aliens exist…

I usually avoid this subject cos people are ignorant and narrow minded but today’s the day apparently. Mid-writing essays while my mum watches telly and someone mentions it’s national (international?) UFO day. I wasn’t interested in UFOs as a kid. Then as an adult the subject actually scared me, possibly cos everything hollywood had to say about aliens was they’d kill us (apart from ET and The Abyss, although they were underwater {seriously, if you haven’t seen it, watch The Abyss, it’s amazing.}) But not just due to Hollywood, due to the logical fact that if a civilisation could achieve interstellar travel it’s likely that there is absolutely nothing we could do to stop them taking over if they felt like it. So I didn’t investigate it at all.
Then I lived in Bath with someone who loves that stuff. I was going through my phase of being obsessed with conspiracy facts (yes, I said facts) and he shared my interest in these things but also in UFOs. He more or less forced me to look at the Disclosure stuff.
Now, the same ignorant people who dismiss conspiracies as ridiculous (people who clearly didn’t study history) dismiss anything alien and/or UFO related as ridiculous. Well the ex-Canadian minister of defence would disagree with you. So would various American military officials (the ex-Canadian minister of defence is the highest ranking officer to categorically state that there is intelligent life out there.) If you prefer science to witness testimony it might be worth noting that Neil Degrass Tyson (the physicist and astro-physicist) says that it is statistically improbable that there isn’t intelligent life out there based on how ridiculously huge the universe is and how many millions of planets there must be that are similar to ours.
So science says it’s likely, ex military says it’s a fact.

Now, before you panic consider this, if they are here already they are either leaving us alone or already manipulating things behind the scenes so you know, if you haven’t already been panicking why start now?

And my favourite anecdotes from a military official are the one’s where nuclear facilities get switched off, and there are a few. So it seems that we have some anti-war UFOs floating about out there. But, you know, what if there are loads of them, nice ones, peace loving ones, manipulative ones?

Now before you call me crazy, I’m NOT saying aliens exist. I’m saying military officials say they exist. Maybe they’re lying,maybe they’re mad, maybe they’re telling the truth.

There is more far crazier stuff I could say about all this but most of you guys can only take so much of this, maybe I’ll put a more radical version in my blog…


OH LOOK THIS IS MY BLOG… So, let’s go deeper – The Author and hypnotherapist Dolores Canon does past life regression, hypnosis to ask questions about previous lives. She says that her research has revealed 3 waves of previously extra terrestrial souls have been incarnating on Earth since after World War 2. The first batch were not used to the lack of empathy and abundance of physicality on planet Earth and many committed suicide. The next wave in the 80s were people like me who are really sensitive and can barely deal with being around people sometimes and often work from home which is counter to their mission cos it’s their presence that changes vibration around them. And the third wave are children now, who are on some next shizzle, child prodigies who have plans to change the world. Why is this relevant? Well apparently according to her research via hypnotic regression to previous lives the extra-terrestrials had a prime directive of non-interference (apart from to give us fire and farming in ancient times, but they could give us the skills not tell us how to use them). This was until the US dropped a nuclear bomb on Japan (yeah US, you f*** it up for everybody with that unnecessary abomination). Then they were like WHOAH, these humans are cray cray! That’s when they decided that they can’t just come and stop us from being idiots but they can start incarnating here as humans to influence us from the inside.

Do I believe in reincarnation? Do I believe my soul is from another star system. I am open minded to all possibilities but if forced to say so I’d say yeah, I believe in reincarnation due to the vast quantities of hypnotherapy research and evidence of people remembering things they simply could not have known. More to the point my own experience with remarkable synchronicitiies regarding Tibetan Buddhism and my interest in Taoisim since I was as young as 11. I think I’ve been here before, as a Taoist and as a Tibetan Buddhist, but I also resonate with everything I read about Sirius and everything that the book Bringers of the Dawn said about systems busters, although Bringers of the Dawn was talking about souls from the Pleiades. But I don’t KNOW. I’m just open minded.

Most people seem to be incapable of staying open minded and holding two opposing beliefs in their mind at the same time so I just have to accept people are gonna say “Kev thinks he’s an alien” when the actual fact is “Kev doesn’t know where his soul is from, but he has some suspicions.” Truth is the possibilities are so endless it’s not really worth speculating, I don’t even know many other star systems and let’s just complicate matters further and say what if there are lots of different dimensions? What if our souls are from other dimensions? What if what we think are negative ETs are actually from other dimensions? What if they’re not visiting Earth but have been here since BEFORE humanity? That’s what the Gnostics say about the Archons (patriArchy, monArchy, the powers that used to be). The possibilities are endless so let’s just chill.

Back to the facts. I’m NOT saying aliens exist. I’m saying military officials say they exist. Maybe they’re lying,maybe they’re mad, maybe they’re telling the truth.


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