Respect the Goddess, Respect Yourself

Respect the Goddess,

not just the girl who looks hottest but of course it’s

high time we respected the Goddess mother earth, mother nature, watch this

space is the place the goddess comes from and resides,

the trees share her vibes and crystals hide in her insides,

the shaman sees the links with  medicine he or she imbibes,

it’s for mother earth the rainbow warrior activist rides,

mother earth – the divine feminine,  the sun is the divine masculine,

But actually all is one from the centre of the galaxy.

Our rights don’t come from law you see, not even prophecy,

We’re all cosmic beings with molecules of sacred geometry.

Don’t you let them treat you like commodity or property

We’re all of the above and more orbiting at super sonic speeds

Listening to Terence Mckenna,  haven’t  we come far?

Every atom of your body’s from the centre of a star.

Quantum physicists and shamans don’t think I’ve gone too far.

Twinkle twinkle little star, WE are exactly what YOU are.


Is there an energy creating life beyond materialist science?

I wonder if acknowledging this spirit would help limit the violence

beyond those questions science knows the trees

provides the oxygen he breathes and the sun gave life to all on which he feeds

whether he feeds on leaves or meat his meat ate leaves so maybe please

respect ancient cultures that respected nature like deities

From star-gazing druids to star-gazing Mayans

Our shared awareness is the universe, beyond nature and science.

(work in progress, unfinished.)


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