Happy Solstice 2015

Been thinking bout…

Life’s futility, Christ’s humility, political morality, philosophy, duality,

life’s true meaning g, my true dreams indeed, race and locality affects collateral casualties,

I’m too peak to see like mountain peaks in clouds,

we’re all one, see me leave the crowd without doubt.

I speak like I mean it now on beats too frickin loud.

Will the people bite hard now while politicians r barking loud

or use Timeless vibrations like the jembeis we dance around

from the African savannahs to center of the darkest town.

Just a few things I’ve been thinking bout. X

It’s all perception, opinion, points of view, illusion, Maya, Samsara, information, data. But it feels like the universal consciousness of open-source intelligence is getting better at synchronising vibrations around solstice. More love for the lovely, more money for the generous and more power to the positive. I saw an interview with Immortal Technique where he was talking about a conversation he had with Chino XL. They were saying how underground rappers wanna be successful rappers, successful rappers wannabe Hollywood actors, Hollywood actors wannabe Hollywood directors, Hollywood directors see the lawyers have all the money but the lawyers sons all want to be underground rappers. I wonder if the politicians at the illusion of the “top” wants to be free like the rest of us. Thoughts, feelings, emotions, information. It’s all perception. Data. Love your planet, the mother-ship, as I’m pretty sure she loves you, happy solstice mother-lovers!


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