(Don’t) Add Me On Fassbook (unless you’re ready for real-talk)… #realtalk #facebook

People add me on facebook cos they think I’m always a happy hippy. Then they find out I’m sometimes an angry activist who wants to bring down the system and they leave. People want to argue with me cos they think I’m a flaky hippy with a head full of conspiracy theories. Then they find out I have an A-Level in politics and two decades of research into historical conspiracy facts and they stop arguing. Then leave. Back down to 4,994 facebook friends. Keep moving.

I’m not always happy, I’m not always angry, I’m dynamic open hearted and open minded, in fact some days I love the system. Some days I suffer from intense self esteem issues. And some days I’m rolling with arrogance and confidence and a bullet-proof aura.

“You’re saying I can dodge bullets?”
“No. I’m saying when you’re ready – you won’t have to.”

Keep moving.


Meanwhile I would invite anybody who wishes to expand their reality tunnel to read this before they start any pointless arguments. https://kpkevthepoet.wordpress.com/2015/05/15/are-we-really-governed-by-self-serving-megalomaniacs-and-tyrants-or-is-that-a-paranoid-conspiracy-theory/

HAHAHA down to 4993 now LOL “You weak minded fool! He’s using an old Jedi Mind-Trick” tongue emoticon and now I have 7 spaces for new friends it’s still not really helping the 18 people waiting for me to accept their friend requests. I guess I should be more vocal about not fitting into the boxes that neither the system nor the alleged “counter cultures” of hippies, activists or other tribes try to fit me in. Open-source consciousness constantly updating, I’ll probably disagree with half of what I said above within a week. Like-minded outsiders are welcome to join me and/or disagree with me, I’ll only unfriend you if you fail to respond to my message for 5 years. {that is actually my usual criteria…}

You better recognise…

The moral of the story is – don’t add my personal page on facebook if you’re too narrow minded to cope with a multi-dimensional individual. But you should probably ‘like’ my page if you made it this far 😉

KP Kev the Poet (his music page, NOT his personal page…)

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