David Cameron and riots on the streets of London…

5 more years of David Cameron and already riots on the streets.

And one defaced war memorial. Ironic. The Tories have more in common with the Nazis than the allies. The Nazis didn’t like Human Rights or immigrants either.

I don’t know how I feel to be honest.

For the record I don’t approve of riots (and I’m not just saying that cos people have gotten arrested for things said on Facebook) but I do approve of revolution (whatever that means) so if it’s an emotional rather than a practical response I would rather they happen on Camerons doorstep than fires in their own neighbourhoods. Is that the difference between a riot and a revolution? Ive been in a riot before, trying to calm down both sides with bricks and bottles flying over my head. My problem is that the Conservatives were voted in. Perhaps by an ignorant minority that do whatever the Sun tells them to do but they won. Are we supposed to educate the ignorant or forcibly remove the tyrants? While the spiritual thing to do may be educate rather than burn stuff but Tory policy will literally kill people. The Tories already tried to abolish human rights but were stopped by the Lib Dems. What would you have done in Nazi Germany? That question may become increasingly important. And I have more questions than answers. Observe and react to time, place and circumstance- get my mind right short moments many times. And quite likely emigrate. I threatened to leave before, you know what one of the most powerful arguments for staying was? What would you do without the NHS? Good question. Here’s another. What would WE do without human rights?

I’ve been doing exactly what I would have done in Nazi Germany.
Telling the truth as I see it until the nasty turn on me.

Do you see the subtext?
“I told you so” won’t satisfy til politicians are suspects.

What turns a protest in to a riot? What’s really scary
is what turns a rioter into a revolutionary?

Merely perspective, spin and a little history
But does that make it right to fight? When does it become necessary?

Is it when they threaten your human rights? That’s a question
not a suggestion, so please don’t arrest me. Bless them

For they know not what they do, programmed to react with aggression.
Am I a pacifist, an activist or both? Keeping myself guessin

More questions than answers. Guided by open source consciousness fast cos
It acts accordingly to time, place and circumstances.

Nothins changed, always been governed by tyrants bruv
Always been sovereign and always best to have more questions than answers.

Relax. Those police men have families. Relax. Those voters have been programmed by television and the Sun newspaper to vote according to who doesn’t look ridiculous eating a bacon sandwich. They honestly can’t think for themselves and most people need a therapist or a friend they can be honest with but can’t even be honest with themselves. They know more about football, Eastenders and Kim Kardashian than they do about politics and they don’t want to know. And can you blame them? They say Ignorance is bliss. Why? Because information, data, hurts like fuck.

I guess I’d rather feel.

(I decided to add this picture cos despite my comparisons with Nazi Germany I LOVE Germans. I toured Germany last year as a vocalist with a Dub DJ and they were some of the most switched on activists and loveliest friendliest people I’ve met. They unveiled this statue of Snowden, Assange and Manning in Berlin, Germany earlier this month. These men also stood up and spoke for truth against the tyranny of Government.)

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 09.12.17

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 03.30.38

OUR FUTURE (bun the Tories mate). Classic.

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 03.32.21


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