Why Am I Here?

Someone asked me recently. Luckily I had been asking myself alot recently. Why am I here? Why was I born where I was and when I was? Taking my strengths, gifts and talents into account and taking the possibility of previous lifetimes into account and taking my personal experiences into account I could give a comprehensive answer. Not a definitive one, until I die or until I can remember past-lives for sure I do not have the birds-eye view of reality to be sure but I can give an honest answer in my own humble opinion based on what little I know…
Why am I here? Why was I born where I was and when I was?
To communicate. Particularly to communicate ancient eastern teachings through modern western methods, specifically to communicate Buddhist and Taoist teachings through rap, reggae and poetry, generally to communicate the idea of Oneness through words and music.
That is why I was born where I was when I was. From a subjective perspective, that is what I think I was born for. But if I create my own reality that is exactly what I was born for. 
So “to help awaken and shift consciousness?” Perhaps. From the perspective of the illusion of self in the illusion of time, yes. However that sounds kind of arrogant! I am not better than anyone else, I have my shadows, my selfish side and my days of low self esteem. But more importantly and more accurately – I am already one with a consciousness that is already perfect and knows no time. Consciousness evolution is just a story. However if that IS just a story, whether it’s true or not it has it’s boundaries as soon as it has form. If I truly want to be infinite the answer to the question “why am I here” is “for open-ended benefit”.
If we are born just to make money and die then so be it. I will have a better time between birth and death if I believe I am here for something greater. Some might say  “let go and come back to Earth, back to real life”. I agree, it is good to be grounded, good to find balance.
Let go and come back to all life, but life is magic
Pink blossoms and turquoise butterflys, that’s all life
Co-creating poems about the moon, that’s all life. playing viloin with your hair upside down in a tree in the spirit world, that’s all life
Love yourself, love your art, love your friends, love the trees. All easier said than done but necessary
What is there beyond art and words and sharing consciousness? Seriously, what else exists? In a sense your path is my path, or maybe we are walking up the same mountain taking slightly different paths.
The answer can only be a spiritual cliche when it gets to this point. It is either to love and be loved, or to return to oneness.

Which leads me to two separate tangents of conversation – the first is to remind you that to love and be loved does not have to have anything to do with a romantic relationship. I love you and Ellen. The 2nd is that to return to oneness could mean a meditative state of the mind where you no longer see self as separate from the all and everything. Or to die. In which case there is nothing to worry about, we’ll all graduate eventually.


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