Global War may be worse than Global Warming, but what can we do about it?

Without ego I can truly say I want to make the world a better place, I am fuelled partially by compassion by the plight of my fellow humans. partly by what future generations may think but I am mainly fuelled by what I will think of myself on my own deathbed. As I said in one of my recent lyrics, “guided by my own future judgment on deathbed and beyond.” But what is ‘better’? Objectively or subjectively is there such a thing? The greater good? The benefit of all?

A friend said “Global Warring is a far greater and more immediate issue than climate variation.

I responded, “agred, people worrying about the temperature rising while humans are blowing other humans up, innocent non-combatants effectively to sell arms and steal resources. We need a revolution in the way we relate, the way we think and the way we govern but most people are blind to what’s going on let alone prepared to change it.” A tad depressing but I’d just had a conversation about how the popularity of a badly written book that justifies mysoginy (50 Shades) was a depressing state of affairs and was not feeling optimistic about the state of the world or the willingness of the general population to change it.

Then another friend on facebook reminded me of the MLKs, the Gandhis and the Marleys of this world and the ability for small groups of like-minded people to make big change. This changed my mood. We had had started a conversation. We were a small group of like-minded people.

I get depressed cos I worry that it looks like this world could be so much better if a few people made a little effort to make a change and it looks like nobody else gives a fuck. It’s nice to be reminded people do, it’s nice to be reminded how much changed when a few people in the past have.

Part of me would love to force the population to watch a few documentaries and read a few books to see how corporations and governments lie to them and steal from them EVERY day. The biggest lie quite possibly being the budget, followed closely by election campaigns. And people just swallow it. Even those that don’t swallow it just accept being governed by thieves and liars as the norm. But I can’t force people to do anything, I’m a pacifist and a champion of freedom, taking charge of people is the problem. That’s what armies and governments do. That’s the paradox. I would LOVE for everybody to put all their money into credit unions, walk to Parliament, kick the bastards out, and share the wealth. But if I were to force people to do it I would be called a military coup, and I would be a military dictator and part of the problem.

Global War may be worse than Global Warming, but what can we do about it? My, far more optimistic this time, response was this “We are doing something now. We are making use of our connection here. Ironic that it’s on the CIA database known as facebook but I for one am less depressed than I was 20 minutes ago. I do need to confront my anxiety and meet more people face to face though. I find it hard to do anything contrived though, as soon as we have to have meetings about something I start to lose interest. Maybe that’s something else I need to address, discipline. But the two things that stop me from going all Martin Luther King and starting a movement are lack of confidence and self preservation. I have ideas that only take a megaphone and a video camera to start but my self esteem got eroded to a point where I don’t feel like I deserve to be the one trying to inspire change or lead a movement. And I do worry that as soon I as I do feel whole enough to take that role again they would do t me what they did Martin Luther King and JFK. I am certainly not the same Kev who hosted a TV show a few years ago, these days I have to psyche myself up to leave the house sometimes. Things change. Maybe I will be mighty once again.”

What can we do to make a change? Talk to each other. Inspire each other. Love ourselves and love each other. Change the world one person at a time by paradoxically accepting that neither the world nor people need to change. I was reminded today of a Rumi quote, “there is a field beyond right and wrong. Meet me there.” Without judgement. More important than changing each other is being there to witness allowing each, other to grow of our own accord, love each other and LISTEN, without judgment. We were given one mouth but TWO ears. Listen.

(Kermit knows wtf is up…)

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