Channelled (?) for an Eclipse – Super-moon spring equinox eclipse!

Can I take this opportunity to ask all of my ‘awake at a time of planetary alignment’ folks (I’m sure most of you know it’s a supermoon, and an eclipse this morning with Equinox today or tomorrow depending on which celestial event you measure from) so let’s please take this opportunity to visualise, to seek a state of relaxation and content with a paradoxical energy and dynamic for beneficial change. Let’s visualise healing and abundance for the planet, each other (I love you guys n gals), and ourselves. Personally for the planet I’d like to see sanity enter politics and the greater good become the goal over financial profit, specifically more money spent on sustainable energy and feeding and housing people and less spent on war (it sounds so obvious.) For each other I’d like to see harmony and abundance in our social lives, financial lives, family lives and romantic lives. And I would like the same for myself. 🙂 ps I have not forgotten the often shared dream of living in community surrounded by nature (trees) and lovely people. Its just a story but if we incarnated here and now for a reason, what would it be? From a space where you are relaxed and open to anything – ask yourself honestly, what would have to happen for my greatest dreams to come true? Perhaps that is the answer… To be relaxed and open to anything…

xxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx

The Poem

Happy super-moon spring equinox eclipse

on this fine over-cast morning. Get grips.

Don’t let the grey skies fool you, not fooled by the grey sky.

That’s just England for you,  the vibes are still high.

The collective unconsciousness waves we ride,

Solutions for the benefit we visualise.

Surrounded by comfort, and nature, secure with our Tribe

With prosperity, harmony and that one love vibe.

With our bodies relaxed, our minds open to all

And our hearts knowing all we need to when we fall.

Getting up, chin up, spine straight, standing tall.

I mean wow, we exist somehow. Might as well give our all.


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