Dame Dash + the Breakfast Club when good advice sounds like an insult and confidence sounds like arrogance you gotta read between the lines… #damedash #thebreakfastclub

Dame Dash

…when good advice sounds like an insult and confidence sounds like arrogance you gotta read between the lines…

Dame Dash was the promoter and entrepreneur who helped finance and manage Jay-Z in his early days.

Dame was on the Breakfast Show recently to promote his new ventures, mainly the movie he has released starring Murda Mook. Now I’m gonna do Dame a favour and do the promoting he possibly should have done before getting lost in the gossip. The two factors that would have sold the film to me if I didn’t already know were the facts that Murda Mook is a pretty much unbeaten battle rapper in the professional battle rap scene. He is an authentic lyrical warrior respected as a battle rapping beast. Also the LOX, who were sparring partners with Biggie and have always kept it real, feature in the film also.

Dame drops lots of jewels of good advice in this interview but he also says some insulting things particularly to DJ Envy which might make no sense to most people. This is my synopsis; I think he simply took the fact that DJ Envy insisted on asking questions about Jay-Z personally, even though Envy already knew the answers and this had nothing to do with his current ventures. He then proceeds to clown Envy (and by extension basically everyone else on planet earth who is not a CEO) for not being his own boss. Now, it’s actually great advice to be your own boss, to own the radio station or whatever format your things are coming out on, to create your own version of Netflix as Dame has to release his own movie. But to say anyone who isn’t their own boss is not a ‘real man’ is insulting and unfair.

If Dame didn’t sound like such an arrogant ass people might actually listen to his advice, which is actually really good advice. Unfortunately it doesn’t apply to everyone because not everyone has something they can invest in to become their own boss or someone to invest in them to become their own boss – crack ironically provides an amoral and dangerous investment in inner city areas and I suspect Dame hasn’t got a boss cos he had crack money as an investment, some of us value our fellow man and our freedom too much for the crack game. All that emotion just cos Envy asked him one little question about Jay-Z. He says Spike Lee wouldn’t work with him cos he was too arrogant, I was Spike Lee I wouldn’t work with him either, he’s too arrogant! But don’t get it twisted, he STILL has lots of good advice and more honour than Jay-Z who is a straight snake. (Yes, Jay-Z is a great rapper, but among his many crimes include taking Jadakiss of R Kelly’s Fiesta remix among other snake-moves in the industry to box out his competitors. I like to support the under-dogs, not the boss who acts like ‘the man’.) Anyway, I’ve probably lost a couple of Jay-Z Stans now, good. Check the interview below.


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