I Used to be ‘Spiritual’ ;-) (the 9th Gate and the Sharingan)

I used to think I was soo spiritual… But now im alot more fun,
drinking Hennesy on the nightbus that i borrowed from my mum,
truth is I’m still a lightworker lightweight so pass the booze to my mate,
like Rock Lee… is the only way I’m going through the 9th gate,
I used to be on the bongs, pipes, vapes, bud, oil, hash, leaf,
cut down – now I’m focused, like sharingan – Kakashi.
I used to think I was sooo spiritual but now i see everything’s spiritual,
not just yoga and eating healthy and visualising being wealthy,
but deep breath… it must be spiritual to be unhealthy…
cos what could be more spiritual than death? SHEEZE! Lord help me
Jesus spoke to both beggars and tax collectors, that’s the benefit
and that’s the rub, bump this in your kitchen if they don’t wanna hear that in the club.
I’m spitting love… for everyone from yoga teachers, to coke dealers, local healers,
to thugs slinging bud. It’s just stuff I’m thinkin while I’m singing in the tub…
…We used to put the world to rights sitting in the pub.
and now we put the world to rights in meetings and teaching kids with dub.

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 18.39.04

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 20.28.52



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