Terence McKenna’s 2012 Predictions and other potential disappointments…

Terence McKenna’s 2012 Predictions and other potential disappointments…
Yeah, I was a student of the Chinese divination system the I-Ching even before I found out about Mckenna’s ‘Timewave Zero’ theory that related to the I Ching and the 2012 phenomenon. Terrence Mckenna theorised that novelty, the phenomenon of things happening that had never happened before, was increasing towards a singularity on 2012. Which all seemed like a very vague theory to me, as much as I loved and love Mckenna. How do you measure novelty? Does this include things people have never imagined before? Does this include patents pending? I dunno, I think too much for a theory that broad and unspecific to hold any weight with me. Which would sound odd to most of my mates who know that I love the I Ching, loved the 2012 theories and loved Terence Mckenna. But I am not predictable and I am rarely with the majority on anything, not even the majority of the fringe or the alternative.
How did you feel about his singularity prediction not manifesting?
That, my dear is a BIG question, especially for me. Alot of my closest friends were wrapped up in that 2012 stuff. And although I feel like consciousness evolution is always happening and I do hope that 2012 (or rather ‘these times’) is a focal point for change I did actually predict that we wouldn’t have a brain changing, life changing or world changing shift on that date.
Even before it happened I felt like consciousness evolution would be more like a slow sunrise than a light-switch getting switched on on December 21st 2012. But I was still more optimistic about the evolution of consciousness in 2012 than I am now. Unfortunately the ways that people are still fooled by mainstream media into blaming people on benefits rather than the banks and the governments does make me wonder how stupid people are. My judgmental side is coming out now. But I used to wonder how Nazi Germany managed to get most of the country behind genocide and now I understand how powerful mob mentality is, and how easily that could happen here. Beyond singularitys or psychic powers I will be amazed when the majority of the public learn to think for themselves. But I still hold hope that the internet is both a product and cause of consciousness evolution and that the next generation will have too much information too early to stand for this shit. So, only time will tell.
Don’t get me wrong, on December 21st 2012 I was in Avebury playing singing bowls and wearing purple satin robes singing positive affirmations like a card-carrying hippy. But I never believed that earth-shattering change would come on that date, I was just playing my role. I’ll try to be in a sacred space singing positive affirmations on every solstice and most equinoxes too.
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