Album Review – ‘Creation’ by Avalon Roots

When I first wrote this album-review for Avalon Roots it was before the album Creation was released. It has been released (and the world is a better place for it.)

Feeling lucky to have received a copy of the new Avalon Roots album, ‘Creation’, ahead of it’s release date. It’s expertly crafted, beautifully written and masterfully produced reggae music with inspiring lyrics and satisfying bass. It expresses the atmosphere their loyal followers have come to expect at an Avalon Roots gig and everything from the CD cover to the music itself exudes the positive, conscious intent in the lyrics and perfectionism that was poured into the music and presentation, it was several years in the making and worth every minute.

Beyond just this album, I love Avalon Roots, I love the writer and front-man Green for infusing the music with his positive intent and ideals, I love extremely talented core band members and all frequent collaborators who are then session musicians but friends of Green and therefore part of an unofficial ‘Avalon Roots collective’. Favourites of the UK festival scene but with connections and roots from Australia to Glastonbury Avalon Roots have earned alot of love and respect for their live gigs. This album more than expresses the energy of Avalon Roots, it presents it through beautifully rendered packaging, and well thought out versions of their songs with well placed solos here and there from some of the world-class musicians Green has attracted.

Basically the album is awesome, sort yourself out with one as soon as you can and your life will be better. It’s out on the 23rd of January.

{It was, now you can click below, cos I like to make things easy for you. Aren’t I lovely?}


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