We made it! We beat all the other sperms to the egg!

Long term plans are coming to fruition, I dare say dreams are coming true.

Have you noticed that eve when we succeed most of us don’t stop to enjoy it, we immediately look at the next goal or look for where we could have done better. It’s good to plan ahead and it’s good to have a critical eye on your own work but it’s arguably more beneficial to live in the now (which doesn’t actually exist anymore than the past or future, time is apparently an illusion) and arguably more beneficial to big yourself up when you’ve achieved something than to pull yourself down.

I made it this far. I’ve written some blogs, been asked to write for a magazine and getting asked to support some of my heroes on stage.

We all made it this far. We all beat all the other sperms to the egg. We all stayed alive this long without committing suicide in the light of a hypocritical society with pathological priorities. We’re doing alright.

And yet more plans are coming to fruition. There will be more tests and I will endeavour to remember to relax during the afflictive states. But for now. I rub my hands with glee and celebrate, ala Mr Burns – ‘excellent’.


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