Once a Synchro, Always a Synchro (Synchro – Chronicles)

Synchro – Chronicles Part ? (lost count when I stopped in 2012)

You can’t run from your path as a Synchromystic. It’s like Obi Wan just chilling in the desert for years and then here comes this droid asking him to be a hero one last time. A few years ago, when I was at Ethicall (tele-fundraising) I went on a works drinks with some really straight, really normal workmates in a really straight, really normal pub. (Yes hippies, I was drinking alcohol. In a pub. I am aware that my fear if judgment is probably alot worse than the actualy non-existent judgment I perceive.) Anyway, this old guy comes out of nowhere and just starts telling me all about his ex-wife, his drug problems and the druids he used to hang out with (for those that don’t know, I happen to be an initiated Bard of a Druid Order, true story), I was like, “excuse me Universe, ummm… I thought I was off-duty!” haha I mean I literally had given up the spiritual path for a while at that point (was feeling sick of chasing synchronicity for the greater good but staying poor) but spirit was like “nope, lightworker for life, what you gonna do, run away from synchronicity”? Maybe most ‘normal’ people would have just told him to **ck off and not embarrassed themselves in front of their workmates but he needed an ear to talk to and I like stories. If I can help, I’ll usually help.

Actually, most people will help. Those that won’t think they’re helping by helping themselves. We all want to be of benefit.

More recently I met a friend for a cup of tea (yes hippies, I’d given up drinking again by then) but she was a lightworker too so by the time I got there she was sat with a homeless guy and we were both trying to talk him out of committing suicide. I think we were pretty successful.

Yeah, these things happen to me. But I’m not the only one. In fact, what is a syncho-mystic if everything is always synchronised and everything is mystical until it’s explained away by science? What is a synchro-mystic if the true nature of reality is there is no independent nature to any person, subculture or ‘crew’? What is a light-worker if we all want to be of benefit? Isn’t synchronicity all the time and aren’t light-workers all of us? I have answers to all those questions but something life has taught me – the question is more important. And answers only lead to more questions. And I have to stop somewhere. 😉

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