Blossoming Branches (Prophecy Part 2)

Blossoming branches got em enchanted walking uncharted waters on Mars kids.

These are not the only trees that we planted in the seasons of Harvest… “I menstruate Gold… it makes the soil fertile”

were nearly planet Earths last words, but we let her bleed on the pastures… You should have seen her smile.

But do words carry less weight off the dead weight of paper made from her wild.. trees if they’re just in my phone or Microsoft word file?

Rocking a black Scully, Mulder reopen X-Files at nerd file, and store my words I know for the future they’re worthwhile.

Short moments of relaxation whatever’s testing patience in mayhem – I’m surrounded by serenity like group meditations. .

You think Anarchy means mayhem, carnage, and riots? No. It just means without rulers. We could live in the flow.

Do we need to reclaim these words for their true meaning? Has it already gone too far, am I only dreaming?

You think feminist means ‘man hater?’ Do me a favour, Have you got to see apparently a true feminist just wants equality.

Do we need to reclaim these words for their true meaning? Has it already gone too far, am I only dreaming?

But if I try to define words I find my own hypocrisy cos there’s no independent nature to an ideology.

Just grey areas, grey but no shade, just blurred lines but no Robin Thick, no low grade.

I used to just want to inspire people, I cared for no wage. I still want to inspire but now expect to get so paid.

Pause… “hey why did you just put the pause on?” are you ready for a reality check of an epic proportion?

Okay then, “normalisation of an intense vibration” …please proceed with caution.

I once believed we were part of prophecies of ‘Shambhala Warriors’ and of ‘Rainbow Warriors’ destined to save the world with people of all colours.

Sometimes I still believe that. But truth is I used to need that Now I see that was just a story I indulged in to replace stories I was avoiding,

cos the stories that we’re born in sin, or born for no reason, or born just to make money were stories I was more than annoyed in.

But a story of prophecy was an inspiring one of more glory but I’m more likely to fulfill prophecy if i let go of stories paradoxically.

But now I know I am an open-ended benefit creator my destiny aint changed but it ain’t ever been greater

and my destiny is Heaven sent, in the illusion of time my past and present is just like my future, power-born open-ended benefit.

For the benefit of all. Not restricted by context or pretext it is Open ended benefit for the benefit of all is where I’m ending it.

So I may as well just rest with it. Truly there’s nothing else I can do but thank the trainers and community I found through Balanced View.

[Exaltation Addendum]

To be true you see I mainly owe that to the Balanced View team training and community which may be the best tool to see

 ourselves as power born, beneficial beings and stop it being victims or villains we’re seeing

there’s no independent nature, so called villains are there for the benefit… and we’re all one with them.



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