Monsanto Eerily Mimics Archon Behavior Depicted in Nag Hammadi Gnostic Texts

This article I found is a compelling read for anyone interested on in the roots of the conspiracy facts or the seemingly stereotypically evil actions of Monsanto in recent years. However, it’s just data, just a story. Even if it were all true if we are being controlled by beings that feed on fear the moat practical thing we could do is not be afraid and not spread more fear. So be love and spread love.

I love you, I’m sorry for ever perceiving negativity, please forgive me and thank you.

I once believed we were Rainbow Warriors and our shared destiny was to save the world with people of all colours. Sometimes I still believe that.

But now I know I am an open-ended benefit creator and my destiny, indeed in the illusion of time my past, present and my future always was, always is and always will be open-ended benefit. For the benefit of all.

I owe that knowledge to the Balanced View training and community which may be the best tool to stop seeing ourselves as victims of outside villains. But this article is still an interesting read if you share my interests…

Monsanto Eerily Mimics Archon Behavior Depicted in Nag Hammadi Gnostic Texts.


I find an alarming consortium of dots reaching out from a distant past to converge with synchronistic connecting points to the here and now. From the Archons described in Gnostic texts, to the actions and agenda of Monsanto with its fascination for recreating, or mimicking, the natural world with synthesized versions: fake food, fake trees, fake insects, fake humans, fake weather…etc.

Much has been made of the Nag Hammadi Gnostic texts, discovered in 1945, Egypt. Vested interests from an entrenched Patriarchy are present everywhere to filter the seeing and hearing of any new findings. Because of this, what was before, survives to us today in a very chaotic and incoherent form, mainly because the bulk of human history, what ever contradicts the manufactured and established paradigm, has been destroyed by the savage barbarity which replaced it. Only skewed snippets flash before our eyes through the adversarial filters of a Christian monopoly.

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