History of a Real MC (raps about poetry and poems about rapping part 2)

History of a Real MC

(raps about poetry and poems about rapping part 2)

Before Kate Tempest was big… We used to jam with Planetman at the end of his gig That was festival season 2007, full Of good memories, I couldn’t be resentful The first open mic I did… With Yungun aka Essa, at a night hosted by Taskforce, why would I fib. With Ricochet of universal soldiers, My Edmonton rhyme mentor with bare shotters on his shoulders, The mic was scaleded, the mans dem applauded, Highbury estate Bury crew and mudfam. Not recorded. I was only 16, a little bit lean, Before canibus and eminem had battle Mcs spitting mean. Early days but some of my so called biggest gigs Were early days at a time in-between. My bredrin Sparxillva I met at university The cue ball and 8 ball, he would trade a verse with me, Jungle or DnB but we loved hip-hop, our Holy Communion We supported some of the biggest names in our students union We opened for Adam F. Altern8, LTJ Bukem. I skinned up for Ian Brown, we kept the dancefloor cookin. Years later I’m jamming with Dub FX and Mr Woodnote, did they meet in the magpie? Yeah, I should know. Who helped convince Dub to move to Bristol? Yeah, KP n Craig did. Dub FX has a great affirmation. “I’ve already made it.” Years later im in Stokescroft basements in Bristol cafes, Knowing I’ll look back and say they weren’t bad days. Chatting to Sonny Green, glad I had patience, Glad to have faith in… The next generation, Indigo children, crystal children, those are just new boxes to get out of but I feel them, They walk in their own shoes when they fill them, And have wisdom beyond age, time and space, and reveal them. remind me best days are not behind me cos you’ll find me At best raves in conversation with the next generation. I could have more fame n I used to feel so resentful The universe says “lack of mainstream success is heaven-sent, fool! Communities you respect the values of respect you, Musicians, and activists, rappers, poets too. The free-party people, healers, the festival crew, But most important is that you respect, love and accept YOU.” I started performing when I was 16, and kept my sword sharp, But started writing aged 11. Depressed in the dark. I’m still not where my HEAD WANTS to be, so I’m sensitive bout my art. But im always where I’m meant to be, and this I know in my heart.

If you’ve helped me on my path and I never thanked you, I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me… And thank you.

If we left a broken planet cos we rolled with gas tanks full. I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me and thank you.

Thanks for the big ups, more love, MORE FIRE! more wealth, Because I’m fully loving and accepting myself.

To everyone I know, all love and respect due. Remember to respect, to love and accept you.

“Intentions are limitations. You decide you want a front-row parking place. You intend it. But Divinity gives you a parking place a mile away. Why? Because you need to walk more. Let go.” from ‘Zero Limits’ by Joe Vitale and Ihaleakala Hew Len

Kevin ‘Kev the Poet’ Panton

August 2012

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