Why I stopped voting (and why I’m starting again)

I stopped voting and/or kidding myself that our governments give a damn what e think or how we feel after they ignored the biggest protest in history against the Iraq War on February 15 2003. This year I start voting again for reasons I will elaborate on after the extract… Here’s a little bit of history that probably won’t be in your history books.

“The February 15, 2003 anti-war protest was a coordinated day of protests across the world in which people in more than 600 cities[1] expressing opposition to the imminent Iraq War. It was part of a series of protests and political events that had begun in 2002 and continued as the war took place. Social movement researchers have described the 15 February protest as “the largest protest event in human history.”

…The British Stop the War Coalition (StWC) held a protest in London which it claimed was the largest political demonstration in the city’s history. Police estimated attendance as well in excess of 750,000 people[32] and the BBC estimated that around a million attended.[33] At the finish rally in Hyde Park, the organiser’s announced 3 million attended. It remains probably the largest protest march in UK history.[34] The protest was organised under the slogan “No war on Iraq – freedom for Palestine”.” From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/February_15,_2003_anti-war_protest#London

I have not played any part in UK politics since millions of us marched against a war in Iraq and the government subsequently ignored us and murdered millions of people for oil. I wanted no part of this society, dropped out, started squatting and got involved in front line direct action activism. I’m already back in ‘society’ with a real address. It hurt me slightly to register to vote, essentially I still feel the game is rigged, that the system needs to be gut from the inside out and rebuilt from the ground up. I still think all the main parties, regardless of the politics they claim to have in the newspapers, all march to the beat of the same drums in corporate board-rooms. I still think that if we ALL stop voting and ALL stop paying taxes and ALL move into self-sustaining communities the fake system run by thieves and liars will no longer have the consensus it needs to govern anymore. But I no longer have faith in this generation to even see what needs to change and be that radical. So this year I’m taking a slightly less radical tactic. This year I’m voting Green. (Why? In short – because most of the rest are war-mongering, NHS selling, oil-money making, friends of the late Jimmy Saville. Yeah, I said it.)

Essentially we all need to start with ourselves, neither protesting nor voting will change the world as much as each of us relaxing with our opinions being challenged and accepting someone else’s point of view as valid as our own.

Register to vote here:


Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 16.35.20

green surge


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