An Open Letter to Kaley Cuoco, Who Has Been a Bit of a Bellend

I am a feminist. I am a man. I believe that men and women should be treated equally. I do not hate men, I am one. It is a shame that the word has been poisoned so much that it’s popular use seems to be changing it’s definition. But we have to bring it back for the sake of sanity and equality. If I say “feminist” I mean someone who advocates the equality of women, maybe some people think it means more than that, maybe some radical fringe groups have poisoned the word for some, maybe some extremist individuals have poisoned the word for others but I hope that feminist still means someone who advocates equality for women in which case I am a feminist and anyone with common sense should be a feminist and I wouldn’t be interested in any woman that isn’t a feminist.



This has been said a million times before; and no doubt more eloquently and with more conservative use of the word bellend. But the fact of the matter is, that if you, as a male/female/any of the glorious things in-between, refuse to call yourself a feminist, then you are being a bellend. With that in mind, Kaley Cuoco’s recent comments about feminism (in an interview with Redbook magazine) make her look like a bit of a prat. It isn’t really her fault; she’s obviously uneducated on the topic, and it isn’t up to her to lead a feminist revolution. The fact is that feminism is currently having a ‘moment’ (see Beyonce, Chanel), and every famous female now gets asked their views on the subject. So here’s an open letter to her to prepare her for the next time she gets asked. It worked with that guy who…

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