relaxed and empowered (in the face of anxiety, fear of judgment, death and baring my soul!)

Relaxed and empowered in the face of baring my soul this week with two musical releases, one memorial, and a gig. Scared? Yes. Anxious? You could call it that. You could also call it amped and excited. The memorial is marks a true tragedy, yet it will be a celebration of goddess and a light that shone bright but short and another that shone even shorter and a collection of inspired and loving beings, some of whom haven’t seen each other for a long time and no doubt some who have never met. I usually avoid these events, afraid that my unconventional views on death and reality will offend somebody, but i cant avoid or replace my fear of judgment or death forever and even if i could i choose not to. The first release is out, the ‘AWESOME’ mixtape to good feedback, but I’m also releasing a second project this week, the ‘Low Fi, High Concept’ EP. It’s an experimental conscious hip-hop EP made entirely of acoustic loops of vocal harmonies and live instruments, mainly piano, all played by me. I am not a professional producer, it is not ‘mastered’ but it is the rawest collection of pure creative expression I have ever compiled and for that I am grateful and very very excited. Fear of judgment again? Yeah, sure but experience has taught me that i am most effective, efficient and useful as the calm in the eye of the storm. Relaxed and empowered.

For this i give thanks to the Balanced View community which has shown me i have always had the tools  to relax with anxiety.

I’m proud and I’m rebellious and I’m not fond of organisations in general, it is not always easy for me to give credit where it is due so you know i must be really feeling grateful. 🙂

This week i have learned from direct experience to appreciate my life, l could have lost it, my freedom, i thought i lost a large chunk of it but got it back, and my mother, i lost it with her then got a reality check, if she doesn’t know or understand me it’s because I’ve been hiding who I am but she loves me regardless.

Its okay to be who we are. I’m anxious, I’m afraid of judgment, I’m a nerd, I’m a geek. I’m somehow also a rapper and a writer and apparently an inspiration. Its all i wanted to be but writing that still embarrasses me. Its okay.

So it looks like this winter we’re gonna have two very different KP releases, my EP of mainly self produced acoustic tracks but also a mixtape of me rhyming over banging hip-hop instrumentals I’ll give away for free. I settled on the name Low Fi, High Concept for the EP and the Mixtape is called AWESOME! The Multi-Dimensional Mixtape, the mixtape is multidimensional as the first half is Kev riding hip-hop instrumentals (3 of which turned out to be beats for members of the Black Hippy crew, unplanned but there ya go) and the second half is Kev riding a psy-dub mix. Yes it is. There are more than a few surprises on both though, I play with other genres and my lyrical content is mad as per usual.

As I said this is a prelude to the Low-Fi, High Concept EP (I’m releasing two projects this week), this Mixtape is more just fun over hip-hop instrumentals which I’m releasing for free but the EP is gonna be more acoustic Hip-Hop, more artsy with me playing live piano, saxophone, singing more and beatboxing.

Get familiar with the semi-conventional conscious Hip-Hop mix tape before i go all the way left field and release my bonkers EP on Sunday’s winter solstice – the mix tape is out already and available to download for FREE! The acoustic EP will only be available to stream for free but when you hear the relaxed and empowered complete creative freedom i hope it inspires the same in you.



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