NEW MUSIC from KP Kev the Poet – forthcoming release dates

New Free Mixtape coming this Wednesday!

New EP of Acoustic Hip-Hop out this Sunday (Winter Solstice!)

So it looks like this winter we’re gonna have two very different KP releases, my EP of mainly self produced acoustic tracks but also a mixtape of me rhyming over banging hip-hop instrumentals I’ll give away for free. I think I have settled on the name Low Fi, High Concept for the EP and the Mixtape is called AWESOME! The Multi-Dimensional Mixtape, the mixtape is multidimensional as the first half is Kev riding hip-hop instrumentals (3 of which turned out to be beats for members of the Black Hippy crew, unplanned but there ya go) and the second half is Kev riding a psy-dub mix. Yes it is. There are more than a few surprises on both though, I play with other genres and my lyrical content is mad as per usual.

As I said this is a prelude to the Low-Fi, High Concept EP (I’m releasing two projects this week), this Mixtape is more just fun over hip-hop instrumentals which I’m releasing for free but the EP is gonna be more acoustic Hip-Hop, more artsy with me playing live piano, saxophone, singing more and beatboxing.

Here is what passes for a very rushed press release for a supernaturally accomplished independent artist…
KP Kev the Poet
A rapper, poet, and singer mainly known to perform spoken word, rap and reggae. Also plays keys, saxophone and hang-drum or happi drum / tongue drum. Also a workshop facilitator, play-write, teacher and writer.
He is a rapper with a degree in English Literature and Philosophy, a Druid and a Taoist.
He has performed Hip-Hop with legends like KRS-One and performed poetry in Stonehenge for Druids.
Has had music played on Bristol’s Passion FM and Ujima.FM and has recently supported MC Top Cat, MC General Levy ft Kenny Ken, Gardna (Live PA), Chopstick Dubplate ft Yt, Kelvin 373 in Bristol (October 2014), supported Congo Natty (January 2014), performed at Boomtown Festival summer 2014 and supported Zion Train and Gaudi (December 2013).
Hosted stages at Glastonbury Festival: Dance Stage Compere / Stage host / MC / performer: 2011
BUMP Roller Disco: Host / performer (2010) also BUMP Rollerdisco host at various festivals including Shambala and Boomtown Festival in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013.

Gratitude and appreciation
ॐ ༀ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ༀ ॐ

2 thoughts on “NEW MUSIC from KP Kev the Poet – forthcoming release dates

  1. The biggest amount of love and support onto you. Reading your post I felt proud, proud for you not knowing you. I want in on your mixtape most definitely so please share more with me. Your words resonated with me 2000% and I support anyone that believes in themselves and are aware of their inner power . Please pass through and check out my blog and feel free to rain your love and words over my posts. But, definitely share your mixtape with me I am interested to hear your work. Love. Pandora x

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