KP vs Mixmag, Vice and Simon Cowell

BRAND NEW MIXTAPE AND A BRAND NEW EP coming to Bandcamp this winter!

So it looks like this winter we’re gonna have two very different KP releases, my EP of mainly self produced acoustic tracks but also a mixtape of me rhyming over banging hip-hop instrumentals I’ll give away for free. I think I have settled on the name Low Fi, High Concept for the EP but I still can’t decide what to call the mixtape now though, currently working title is AWESOME! The Multi-Dimensional Mixtape, but that might be too cheesy? It does need a high-impact title to suit the flavour though and I use the words Awesom and multi-dimensional in conversation alot and the mixtape is multidimensional as the first half is Kev riding hip-hop instrumentals and the second half is Kev riding a psy-dub mix. Yes it is.

Mmmaybe I shouldn’t be shy this year and should submit my new creations for review in places like Mixmag and Vice… but maybe I don’t care what critics think? Do I risk the fear of rejection and/or criticism for the possibility of free promotion and/or critical praise?Well maybe I have already taken the first step in publicly admitting I’m afraid… What’s next X-Factor? Why not? (Because Simon Cowell doesn’t want to hear you rapping about changing the monetary system, singing about buddhism over Psy-Dub or doing Mary Poppins covers in a Hip-Hop stylee even if it would make great television…)

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