I Will Die

I will die. I neither know how nor when.

But… if you were to ask me right now… ideally… I’d say…

I intend to sit down in the grave happily and gently
aged about 200 looking barely older than twenty
on a mountain somewhere sunny still raw rap rhyme spitting
to the sound of the local holy spring water dripping
while my loved ones reside in our mountain forest dwelling
safe in the knowledge that I had a wild ride worth remembering
but a safe landing in the infinite… yeah, I got into it.
But who knows, you know, what if I get hit
by a meteor tomorrow, or by trucks covered in rust,
or feel suicidal again in sorrow, or spontaneously combust?
I think I’ve already lived a life worth living compared to most
But I’m in no rush today, so I won’t dare to boast.
I’ll ask Tibetans how to leave behind the circular rainbow
When I go, I’d like to leave behind the full spectrum glow.
But in the meanwhile please just share my vibe with the tribe,
Spread our music, words and love far and wide!
As I respect Hathor and Sekhmet – I’m still just a concept,
Information, data, just a memory, I’m vapour…




One thought on “I Will Die

  1. I had an intuition the other day that we all have specific times to depart and that I’ve got another 70 years. God knows that the world will look like then.

    Any progress on the empathy issue?

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