Some Cops are Reasonable (or #ACAB is a lie)

Hmmm… I am NEVER with the majority on ANYthing. I think too much, I know.

So these quite genius posters have gone up in London advertising the police to be racists in official advertising spaces in bus stops. Genius but I do have an niggling issue with them which means I can’t 100% approve (not that anybody needs or wants my approval.) Generally I salute all non-violent forms of activism. BUT they have gone up with the hash tag ACAB which is an age old activists motto meaning All Cops Are Bastards. Now lots of angry activists believe this to be true but in my humble opinion it’s just not. Alot of cops are bastards, but not all of them. All cops are individuals, every human being is unique. Some cops joined the force to help their community, some cops joined the force cos they wanted an exciting job where they could get into fights occasionally. Some cops joined the force because they wanted to make a positive change and some cops joined the force cos they used to get bullied and want to be in a position of authority where they can bully others. I am not taking sides. But inevitably somebody, if not loads of bodies, are gonna think I’m apologising for racist cops or taking the cops side, I’m not, but minds stuck in the duality of all or nothing are hard to crack and sometimes I wonder why I bother but I do (stop thinking.)

To label all police as one thing, to tar them all with the same brush, is basically racist (it’s not actually racist cos the police is not a race, but it is prejudiced by definition.)

So, although I generally support the campaign for bringing to light real issues I think the hash tag ACAB is both detrimental to the cause, a red rag to a racist bull (the cops that ARE racist thugs are gonna be on the hunt for those responsible and they risk starting a war they quite simply would not win in my humble opinion) and – most importantly from my point of view – is inaccurate. I do not believe that all cops are bastards. I kind of feel sorry for the cops that aren’t bastards, even if they turn out to be the minority.

Anyone who has put on a free party in Bristol knows some cops are reasonable. Anyone who was involved in Autonomous Art Exhibitions where squatted warehouses were turned into art galleries in Bristol between 2005 and 2010 knows some cops are reasonable (there were others, in Brighton and Manchester I know of and there have been others since 2010 but those are the ones I know had reasonable dialogue with police, I know little or nothing about the others.)

There will be people who have been beaten up by the police who hate them all. There will be people who are hardcore activists who don’t believe in any authority who hate them all. There will be people I called friends who may call me a traitor. But it’s not even the buddhist part of me or the Christian part of me that has to say this, it’s the human part of me. I exalt all of humanity and I bun prejudice, all prejudice, whether it’s against a race, a sex or a profession. And ACAB is by definition a prejudiced statement and I can’t co-sign it.

Beyond that though, ballsy move you nutters and rather amusing, fair play.

See the full story here–lyoPcCi4Yg



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