Charlotte Emily Bevan (a poem for Charlotte and Zaani)

A friend of mine died this week with her newborn child. It was headline national news which made the tragedy even more surreal.

Charlotte and Zaani – a poem for Charlotte Emily Bevan {the full version}

What a horrific tragedy. The stuff of nightmares.

Mother and newborn child. Dead.

Was this the child’s choice between lifetimes or extreme misfortune for mere mortals?

She suffered from depression. Did the mother reach a point where coping with life in this society was just too much? Did she decide this world wasn’t worthy of her child, did her baby deserve better than this polluted rock? Does ever child deserve better?

Or did she just slip off the bridge?

It is what it is and that’s all it is. She was an amazing, sensitive, creative, caring woman with seemingly super-human empathy. Empathy hurts sometimes.

She deserved better than this world would give her, but speculating is merely speculating.

All I know is that her spirit, her soul, whatever gave that beautiful face life, that is gone from her body. ‘Why’ is a question that may remain unanswered.

I can no longer communicate with that body. Whether or not I can communicate with that soul or spirit is a question of imagination, or sanity, or will that may remain unanswered.

All I know is that a new-born, the very picture of power-born infinite potential and innocence is dead. But what power and influence this child has had in just four days, embedded in the national consciousness.

For every mother. For anybody who has ever been depressed. Let us make a world worthy of innocence. Like the Sistine Maddona and Child. Let us be there for each other. With Love.

xxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx

An Angel no longer restricted by what Albert Einstein
Referred to as the persistent illusion of time.

An Angel no longer restricted by the tensions of depressions,
No longer restricted by these three dimensions.

As Craig said, “Fly Free”, I say maybe somewhere Heavenly
On a journey we’ll all join you on eventually.

Perspective: we’re all gonna get there some way.
Let us be there for each other. With love. Every day x

(Inspired by Charlotte Emily Bevan and her child, also by Craig Reynolds and Lynne Oldfield)



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3 thoughts on “Charlotte Emily Bevan (a poem for Charlotte and Zaani)

    1. Thank you Philipp, it means alot to me when my words are appreciated. And this poem meant alot for me to write and was quite a scary thing to share, I’m always afraid my spiritual views will offend somebody and fear of judgment haunts me through anxiety quite frequently. So thank you for bolstering my confidence.

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