The Inherent Hypocrisy of Being Aware in Western Civilisation (Spiritually induced depression and a manifestation list)

My friend Raphael said “You should create a course! I’m sure you could come up with something amazing! Like “How to cope with spiritually induced depression – the Taoist way”
My friends give me the funniest advice ever sometimes. I’m not sure if they’re being uber-wise or taking the piss or both. Either way, I might just do that. Might need to give it some time though, just to be sure that I am indeed coping… (for the record Raphael is a super-hero who buried orgone generators in several former Nazi concentration camps and sent healing to the land.)

Someone asked “Umm ‘spiritually induced depression’? Please illuminate that for a start”

Well spiritually induced depression because part of my spiritual path and/or part of personality is an immense sense of empathy. The bodhisatva path of buddhism talks of making an oath not to go to the enlightened realms until all other beings have attained enlightenment and escaped the wheel of suffering. The Christian path says that our main role model and the Son of God was tortured and killed before attaining the light-body and ascension. We have this data to play with, various martyr stories where the hero must suffer for the greater good. I do not know to what extent it is just my personality or to what extent I was influenced by these ideas but personally when the news says 1000 of bombs were dropped on Iraq, or hundreds of bombs were dropped on Palestine I do not just hear numbers. I feel thousands of innocent lives being taken for greed, families torn apart, loss, grief, unneccessary suffering. My taxes pay for that. Our taxes pay for that. Empathy is part of my spiritual path but that empathy is part of the roots of my depression. Awareness of the political spectrum is part of my spiritual path but that awareness is part of the roots of my depression. I see and feel more than most people it seems but this awareness is not the Jedi mind tricks I wished for, it’s a sensitivity and often a pain and an ache. In short my spiritual path makes me more aware and that awareness offten makes me sad. And very few people understand it, they just think I avoid situations because I am weak or lazy or they think I am passionate because I am angry but I genuinely just think about stuff that doesn’t help my self esteem and feel stuff for other people I will never meet and have no personal connection to. I just don’t want anyone to be sad ever, I care but I can never do enough to ease the suffering myself. Short moments many times. There’s nothing to do, the struggle is illusion and if it wasn’t for the pain we wouldn’t know the joy. Easy for me to say though, my house isn’t getting bombed.

to be honest it is hard to be alive and aware in the Western world without being either a hypocrite or a martyr so I try not to think too much. When I was trying not to be a hypocrite I refused benefits, and lived in squats but I still survived on the excesses of Western society when I was eating out of skips, something or someone somewhere is always suffering for our joy. I just try to make a difference where I can and try not to suffer depression by thinking about all of the above too much. This is why “stop thinking for short moments many times” is particularly good advice for me. The only way not to be a hypocrite in the Western World is to go straight to Parliament right now and say and/or do things that will either raise awareness of the arms trade, exploitation of Africa, and/or existence of sustainable alternatives and/or get you arrested. I’m not prepared to leave the house right now to get myself arrested but I may stop eating meat forever. I haven’t made a decision there yet. Oooh, get myself arrested by Gomez. Vintage.

When I stop thinking for a short moment I don’t want anything, I have everything I need and the universe is perfection. When I am in that state of realisation, of Gnosis, of truth there is no need for things like ‘manifestation lists’. There is no need. But lists are fun and I am not always in that state… here is a manifestation list 😉

I want to be happy, healthy and wealthy, inspired and inspiring with the freedom to travel, and the confidence to help others, content on my own but with a lover who inspires me as I inspire her or lovers who inspire me as I inspire them, to love myself and respect myself as we love each other and respect each other.

Music, poems and positive vibes spreading far and wide.

Hugs and cuddles on tap.

Nature only a short walk away.

Several thousand pounds to invest in positive futures will be mine, thank you universe.

(A billion pounds would be nice) 🙂

(here is a lovely photo of the Dogon Tribe,students of the Nommo from Sirius, skanking out inna tribal stylee wearing my favourite colours.)

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 22.09.31


2 thoughts on “The Inherent Hypocrisy of Being Aware in Western Civilisation (Spiritually induced depression and a manifestation list)

    1. I don’t know if it is important, it’s just the way I am. I used to think it was important, just because Jesus and Buddha seemed to teach that love and compassion and caring were important. But maybe that’s just the way I am. Some things just are. Why do we think it’s so important that we keep breathing? There are 7 billion other humans if we stopped. Why do we let one person’s opinion matter more than anothers just because we decide that we love them? It’s not a dumb question and I do want to answer but I have none. I just think, no I feel that empathising is important but I do not know if that is inherent, or social conditioning, or conditioning by Buddhist and Christian texts.

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