The Rock, The Seed and the Rainbow Body

…and when I go I plan to leave behind a circular rainbow with
Shiva surfing tsunamis n Kali juggling flamethrowers,
540 squares the circle, being weird won’t hurt you.
Find the red and blue n between the two now there’s the purple.
Is it attention, affection, or food, clothes and shelter that we need?
From depression to perfection, do we just need to breed and feed?
Compare the contentedness of the rock with the ambition of the seed.
Think about it. Both perfect but what different lives they lead.
So whether I leave behind maggots, rainbows or both in my wake.
Just know I was guided by a feeling my heart and head could not escape.
“Only God can judge me”, but if we’re all God have we wronged?
Guided by my own future judgement of self on deathbed and beyond.
Nothing to do, nowhere to go and categorically nothing wrong with.
No true division between best and worst, shortest, longest, weakest, strongest.
Nothing to do, nowhere to go but absolutely nothing wrong with
It being just my preference to have a lot more to accomplish.



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