When Women are as Confusing as Men – what do we really want?

Reblogging this cos it reflects my experience but it was writen by a woman so I can’t be accused of being sexist for experiencing the same! I have had my heart repeatedly dragged through the mud for making the mistake of thinking that when women tell me what they want they meant it. They did not. Being sweet is a turn off, looking lovingly into my eyes while holding my hand does not mean they fancy me, romance is what they want but not too much too soon and they’re more afraid of commitment than I ever was. I’m just gonna be myself and see what happens but to be fair I don’t think it’s women who don’t know what they want or men. I think we’re all changing all the bloody time and none of us know if what we want today is what we’ll want tomorrow or if who we want today is who we’ll want tomorrow, we’re all just guessing… We are all confused, and we are all confusing.

Little Miss Mummy

I had some of my single girlfriends over the other evening and, as usual, a fair bit of our conversation was spent analysing men.  After they had gone I was struck by our conversation and realised – maybe it’s not the men who are confusing, maybe it’s us?

For the last month or so this group of women had all pretty much agreed on what they wanted: some are definitely ready for a relationship and those who aren’t, however, don’t just want a ‘friends with benefits’ episode and are sick to death of the serial ‘commitment phobe’ – instead, they just wanted someone to hang out with regularly (either on their own or with the whole gang), go for dinner with occasionally and generally have fun.

The other basic requirements don’t seem like too much of an ask: someone intelligent (though finding someone in this town with enough brain cells…

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