…just found this from 2011 by ‘accident’…

Empowering the ‘positive timeline’. Some big things are gonna have to change but all the solutions we need and more have always been there and as information spreads farther faster the multiple uses of hemp, Mycology, the numerous free energy devices that will make oil and combustion engines obsolete and the truth that successive governments worldwide have suppressed information for personal financial gain – all this is becoming common knowledge. Most importantly to me the common sense of love being held as a serious political platform ie the emotional, physical and financial benefit of the many really and truly actually being valued rather than just the financial benefit of the few. This is inevitable simply because anything else seems really really stupid. Before the internet I could imagine people being too lazy to work out what’s going on, but as the truth is all over Wikipedia, YouTube, the occupy movement and getting sent to inboxes and fb walls the problems are obvious, the solutions apparent and they will be implemented as people with the right skills show initiative. There may be a transition period where people live in ‘free man’ communities and ignore the absurd laws against growing medicines or permits for free energy engines and building permits but as mainstream culture eats itself and the old financial paradigm collapses these alternative communities will become the new mainstream and the absurd laws will become as obsolete as the old financial system as the people who used to enforce that nonsense will have all moved to sustainable communities. Because those are the places with electricity and food that doesn’t kill you. Love was always the answer, the time was always now. I’m not just optimistic, I’m impatient. Humans have been acting stupid for long enough.


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