CLIMBING IN THE DARK 08/09/2014 (inspired by Rudolf Steiner, children, the BV community and Dead Poets Society)




Vibrating with inspiration, I guess I should write something,
Let the volcano explode and see whether ash or lava flows, erupting,
Crushing fear, no facing fear, admitting fear of judgment judging,
“Carpe Diem” – seize the day, walk your path without budging,
We are the source of it all, flowing out in all directions
Yet from all these directions we receive all these impressions,
Is this spirit, soul… or just hormones?
Would you have… a mother’s love for your clones?
What’s the difference between inspiration and data?
Does criticism… make you a hater?
What does solitude combined with silence reveal?
Are we afraid to find out? Will what we find out make us squeal?
Or rejoice? How does the company of silent trees heal?
Are they silent or do they have wisdom to deal?
Jimajama loves it when I go double time, kind words resonates for decades
Bring the hammer and the anvil, blacksmith / wordsmith, detonates
Explosion, implosion, black holes n reversal of time and space
Quantum physics, quantum lyrics. Univeres please let me rhyme with grace.
Pause… I get out of my own way.
Consensus reality, I can’t get my own way.
Will… Focus on my path and destination.
Both path and goal are love. 5D instant manifestation.
More freedom, via more abundance, via more self discipline.
Sacrifices made on altars, non physical, not grim.
No blood-letting, just forgetting stories that appeared
to hold me back, til I told me that there’s no need to get scared.
Like walking through Keele woods to get to Keele Service station.
It’s more about the path and not so much the destination.
But seems pointless if you don’t allow contemplation,
on the streams and flowers, that’s not hesitation but dedication.
Maybe even determination, like sitting down resolving
to dip your feet in the cold stream, and get to quantum problem solving
By letting go, just letting go, and feeling the spark of inspiration.
Where do the thoughts come from? No source, and no end destination.
The yin-yang symbol came and went with instant veneration,
Yet who knew of it’s significance? Inherent fascination.
D-Red said something bout many paths, yet each to reach one peak?
It’s peak, let’s peek at higher worlds yet cautious, look before you leap.
Some say we won’t find our boundaries until we push them.
Some say to put your shields up first. Some say that we should lose them.
Some say “lose yourself in the moment, you own it.” Some say time’s an illusion.
Some say short moments many times will end all this confusion.
I say I don’t know either, I’ve been seeker, sought and seeking.
But in my experience, just follow your heart if it’s leading.
You can’t put a price on art but artists also need feeding.
You can’t put a price on life but value yourself, keep your heart beating.
And if you try, I’ll try as well to practice what I’m preaching.
I’m just another climber in the dark, who knows the heights we’re reaching?

 dead-poets-societynas king empowerment


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