Feminism, Patriarchy and magazines


You see we’re all so perfect we have to invent new ways to pretend we need saving from ourselves. We’re so perfect yet so messed up we need to define the words we’re using before we start arguing about them. I used to consider myself a feminist. Simply put – I still think women deserve equality and don’t have it but I also think people get attached to words like ‘feminist’ and the word means different things to different people. I mean, really it is mainly men selling us these magazines and they use our insecurities against us to sell us things. I think women are equal, deserve equal pay and respect yet in this day and age women still get paid less. We do live in a patriarchal (male dominated) society from the Church to the board-room. You can argue with any point of view but that one is more difficult to argue with than most.
But men are messed up by this too. The same patriarchal society that tells women to shave their legs, the same magazines that tease celebrities who put on weight etc they tell men that we’re not good enough too. No, it is not as bad for men, it is far worse for women. But unfortunately one of the stereotypical gender bias’ is the idea that men do not want to talk about emotions. So you will never know how many men are depressed because they don’t live up to what a man should be because it’s culturally unacceptable for men to talk about their emotions. That pisses me the f- off.
GQ just declared Kim Kardashian woman of the year or something, telling our daughters and nieces that filming yourself having sex with celebrities is a viable way to the top. They are just trying to be of benefit to themselves and their loved ones, they believe sex sells. But is that of benefit to us all? Is criticising them of benefit? Maybe, but only if it’s constructive criticism so I deleted the sarcasm and I add this – try selling empowerment. People like to feel empowered.
I repeat, it is mainly men selling us these magazines and they use our insecurities against us to sell us things. I love Vice but even mags like Vice tear apart alternative views and alternative living like it’s cool to be a robot slave and they oten extend the Hackney trendy stereotype to things as harmless as having drinks in the park with your friends, like throwing a frisbee in a park or sitting in a circle automatically makes you a d1ck. Shall we stay at home or should we sit in a square and make sure we’re wearing the right brand shirt then?

There is a prevalent image that men are supposed to shag anything that moves and women are supposed to move for us. Leading to a corrupt and hypocritical culture that makes men feel like losers if they’re not having sex with 20 women per week, tells women to wear shorter skirts younger, but watch your drink cos these insecure men who have been told to have no morals might do something amoral to have sex with you then blame it on your skirt rather than their insecurity. From that perspective it’s just a sick culture. But from a another perspective it’s all perfect, gender related stereotypes are getting challenged more every day, a year or two ago I would not have tried to express these feelings for fear of being misunderstood.

Patriarchy? Yeah, you could call it that. Data? Yeah, you could call it that too. Truth? Maybe, but what is truth beyond an opinion you agree with? I resonate with this opinion. And I need to sleep so I’ma stop writing now and work out whether or not it makes any sense when I wake up and read the comments / smell the coffee x







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