How to fix this planet IMHO and what I’d like do with a million pounds.

How to fix this planet (in my humble opinion) and what I’d like do with a million pounds.

WOO! Kev’s in rant mode again. Nothing to do, nowhere to go. Should be writing up my Steiner School studies but somebody poked me with a stick by asking me what I’d do with a million pounds and I inadvertently found out I’ve been cultivating some desires for both myself and the planet. So they got a rant. WOO! (I know you’re as excited as I am. Well you should be.)

First off, from the perception of true awareness the planet does not need fixing. There is greed and death and war, yes, but the planet is in a constant state of dynamic flux between forces we perceive to be positive and forces we perceive to be negative to maintain a state of balance and this dynamic flux is perfection.

But first here are just a few ideas to decentralise power and limit the temptation for corruption in political office.

Decentralise all power by putting each town / city in charge of it’s own sustainable energy supply (more on that later), and giving each town or city access to spring water pumped directly where-ever possible (which I suspect would also sort out alot of health issues.

Fire all politicians, reform all governments so that corporate interests cannot influence, lobby or fund political campaigns, don’t allow politicians to work for international banks or arms dealers when they leave office (tony Blair currently gets paid over a million per year working for international bank JP Morgan which may have affected his decisions in office), slowly shut down all non-renewable energy resources and replace them with sustainable energy resources; a variety from geo-thermal to wind to solar to water and continue funding the most economically viable, grow hemp not just for the long list of industrial reasons but environmental reasons to clean the air AND to feed everyone when (not if) the dollar collapses cos that’s a fat salad and the seeds are uber healthy AND name KP Kev the Poet “Lord and Master of all he surveys”. I just messed it up with that last bit didn’t I? ps if you thought that was crazy some of my friends would probably abolish money altogether but I don’t think most of you are ready for that yet. Maybe name KP Kev the Poet “Baron Von Funklord the 22nd and 3 quarters”. Slightly less power than my previous title. Slightly.

Oh and establish Bhutan’s Gross National Happiness index (instead of Gross National Product) as an international standard.

That was originally a response to “what would you do with a million pounds” but some of that would cost more than a million pounds, I think reform like that would take paradigm shift, a change in perception like finding out that lots of politicians have ties to arms dealers, or paedophiles, or finding out that Saddam didn’t have weapons of mass destruction, or an SAS soldier admitting that they killed Diana in a mainstream newspaper or… oh… wait a sec, hasn’t all that happened already? Hmmm… Maybe I should just give up on changing anything but myself and accept everything’s as it’s meant to be for now? Everything changes.

But if all else fails just give me a million pounds to set up a record label so we can sing about all this and put it in pretty packages to sell to teenagers.
Or give me a million pounds to turn my script into a play with actors and a stage.
Or give me a million pounds to set up my own internet TV show where we say this sort of thing and sing about this sort of thing all the time.
Or give me a million pounds to bling up Louise Stewart Daisy’s vans and buses with librarys, superfoods and massage tables and take the show on the road.
Or give me a million pounds to plant hemp seeds everywhere.
(I’ve got loads of these, tell me when to stop.)
Or give me a million pounds to print off thousands of leaflets explaining exactly how corrupt and evil our current system is with suggestions on how to improve it (see above) with references and evidence in the hope that people will finally go, “oh, why do we listen to them?”
Or give me a million pounds to set up an exo-community where we stop listening to them, live in nature among our creative friends, grow food and do workshops in all sorts of things while the kids come to our nature eco-community to learn everything from permaculture to poetry (that’s probably my favourite.)
Or give me a million pounds to fund ayahuasca sessions for all of the world leaders and their deputies, vice presidents and chiefs of staff with obligatory ceremony therapy to discuss what they’ve done.

Oh, and there’s a Ted Talk called “6 Ways Mushrooms Can Save The World”. We should fund each and every one of them. 

Most of those were not jokes but one or two were selfish (I am indeed human.)

But you know. everything’s perfect and I’ve got nothing to do and nowhere to go. I’ve just been fantasising about what I’d do with this…

(This rant will be blogged here – – accept the miracles.)





The nominations for the 2015 TedTalk Prize (of a million pounds) are closed. But I’m a self important social activist so I sent them an e-mail anyway. I sent them the essay above but I preceded it with the following cover-letter (so you’re reading it in reverse order to what they would have seen, they would have seen this cover letter first…)

(The Letter to TED)

I’d like to cut to the chase before you get the essay. I am aware that the 2015 nominations are closed but you have inspired me to make suggestions that I believe would vastly improve the planet and I hope they reach influential eyes and ears. There are lots of ways to improve the planet vastly and the Ted Talk videos already document some of these. One talk entitled “6 Ways Mushrooms Can Save The World” is one that I would recommend (and have done.) I would give Paul Stamets, the speaker in that talk, a million pounds to fund all 6 of his ideas (one is using fungi to clean oil spills.)

There’s another talk called “Hemp the trillion dollar crop” by Gregg Moseley-Clarke, I would fund that due to it’s industrial uses and the fact that it can feed us (extremely well with amino acids and essential oils in ideal balance) when the dollar collapses (not if, when.) But for a variety of reasons I realise that is controversial so I will not labour the point. 
The irony of the fact that my nomination suggestions promote mushrooms and hemp is not lost on me. However I am serious.
Nominating myself. Personally, if I had a million pounds I would set up a record label devoted to artists for with a vision for sparking global change, because I am a writer, poet, rapper singer and activist for global change and so are most of my friends. I believe we have to change hearts and minds and the more people who hear songs about positive change the closer we are to a paradigm shift. If that sounds like a viable nomination for myself then I may do so officially next year, I would vastly appreciate feedback (I would also like to know if Stamets or Mosely-Clarke have received funding since their Ted Talks)
What follows is an essay / prose poem inspired by the Ted Prize. It is satire, I hope you enjoy.
POST EPILOGUE: If you have loads of ways to improve this, please, feel free to add your comments. I should have added plant the Neem Tree everywhere too – – but only thought of that later. I have spent alot of my life obsessing over how to fix what I perceived to be problems in the past so I have probably forgotten several solutions by now. But please, try to add your criticisms without insults, the so-called ‘Truth-Movement’ (Opinion Movement? Perception Movement?) can often seem extremely childish, opinionated and mean. I personally would like a paradigm shift to a world where we can agree to disagree without insulting each other. But please feel free to suggest improvements and tell me if and where you disagree. But remember, it’s satire, not every point I made was 100% serious in the first place.

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